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Your Mom Wants to be a Millionaire

Actually, my mom wants to be a millionaire. Last month she got a chance to try out for the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? , and they called her up a few weeks later to ask her to come out for taping. Today was her special day, and it turned out to be mine too. She asked me to be her "phone a friend", which means I had to sign a bunch of legal agreements and spend most of today hanging out next to the phone. I just got off the phone with Meredith Vieira and my mom, and I can't tell you what we talked about. But I can tell you that I thought it was pretty cool and I hope I don't sound quite as goofy if I ever get on Jeopardy! . Talking on the phone is not my strong point. I can't remember the exact air date, but I know it's sometime in October and I'll let everyone know when we get a little closer.

A Bad Habit

I had planned on meeting a friend for lunch today and then going to the Provo Temple for a session. Then this morning I suddenly had a sinking feeling. And I just checked my wallet: no temple recommend. I often take it out of my wallet and stick it in my temple bag for easier access. And I always forget to take it back out. And of course I don't have my temple bag since I didn't want to take up space in the car. The most annoying thing is that I've done this more than once before. Grrr .

Perfect Day

Science Teacher Mommy recently blogged about a "perfect day" they had, and it made me jealous of all their vacation fun. Don't worry, though, the jealousy didn't last too long since we're still on vacation and still having a lot of fun with our family and friends. I don't know if yesterday and today were totally "perfect days", especially since we didn't go anywhere spectacular, but they sure were nice. Last night we went camping with Mr. Fob's brother and his wife and baby, and Mr. Fob's sister and her daughter and neighbor (does that make sense?). We've never taken our kids camping and don't own any equipment, but my brother-in-law is a master camper and took charge of selecting a site, cooking, and building the fire. Thanks a lot! S-Boogie thought her first camping trip was fabulous, and it actually went really well. We got up there around dinner time, spent some time getting things set up and eating, went for a short hike to

A Fob Family Night

It's been almost two years since we last had a blog party, so we're long overdue for one. If you would like to meet us in person (or renew the friendship if you already know us), we'll be having a picnic next Monday night at 5:30 in Kiwanis Park in Provo. We'll provide chips and dip as well as paper goods. If you could indicate in comments or email if you plan to come and what you'd like to bring, that would be helpful. Or you could just show up and surprise everyone. As long as you're not a crazy blog stalker. Then you're not invited.


There's something about Utah in the summer that scrambles my brain; although I lived here for a number of years, it seems that most of my memories are from the summer. Mr. Fob and I started dating and got engaged during the summer; both my children were born in summer; I've attended a number of funerals in the summer. Now that we're back here during the summer, I keep having weird flashes of memories. That one ride we went on up Provo Canyon with my baby niece? Oh yeah, she's turning seven now. The birthday party we had for S-Boogie at the pool? That was three years ago. I don't feel that old, but for some reason lately I keep feeling the weight of so many years of experiences coming to my mind, and I realize how far I've come from my life years ago. It's a good feeling, but also bittersweet. I think that many of the ways I have changed are positive, but I also can't help but remember when we were younger and more innocent. I'm not sure that innocenc

Keep on the Sunny Side

So the kids are finally sleeping better, and we are too. We figured out that they need cool rooms to sleep in and that they need to sleep apart, at least until Little Dude gets over his climbing out of bed fetish. Yesterday we put some doorknob covers on the inside of his room and on his closet, so now he can't escape or play. It still took him a while to fall asleep last night (and he's reverted to needing a parent to help him fall asleep), but he stayed in bed and slept all night. So did I. It was fabulous. My day has also been fabulous because we met up with the McCullochs in the park today, and Jenny is such an awesome friend that she made me chocolate croissants. I feel so special! They were fabulous, and S-Boogie was so happy to have a friend to play with. We're going to get together again next Monday. Speaking of getting together, I think that some time during the next two weeks I want to have a picnic with my Utah friends and blog readers. I'm kind of thinking

Does anyone want to trade children with me?

I keep reading about other people's fun experiences during the summer: how their kids will spend all day happily playing outside in the pool and then crash into sleep at night, sated on activity and Popsicles . I guess I had some sort of expectation that our summer could be like that. Instead, my kids seem to get more and more sleep-deprived with each passing day. Then I tried buying a little pool today, and a bunch of pool toys for it. Both the kids got in for a minute or so, and then decided they were done. S-Boogie would at least play with the water, but Little Dude kept giving the pool dirty looks until he finally stripped off his swim shorts in protest. Then he headed for the house and could only be bribed to stay out a little longer with sidewalk chalk. I'm sure all this would be slightly more humorous without the ragged edge of sleep deprivation. After our marathon night a week ago my body seems to have decided that it never needs to sleep again, and after a week I'm

More of my favorite things

I know I've done a post like this before , but I thought it was time again to highlight some of my favorite things: 1. Dove clinical strength deodorant I've always had serious sweating issues, but when they recently introduced more powerful deodorant I was reluctant to try it due to cost reasons. Sweating while in Seattle hasn't been too much of a problem for me, but since we've made a move to the desert I decided to spend the money on it. And I can say that for me it really works. Today we spent a few hours out in the sun at a picnic and exploring Wheeler Farm and I still ended up with a wet shirt, but that was the first time this whole trip and the rest of me was incredibly sweaty too. Other than that, it's been great. 2. Natural Cheetos I was also completely skeptical about "natural" chips, and I still think they're a marketing ploy, but these taste delicious. Little Dude is also in love with them. Their flavor is a lot like Pirate Booty, but I like

Sleepless, but not in Seattle

So, remember my last post about how wonderful moving was? And how I was so excited to be doing it? I think reality caught up to me sometime around two this morning while driving through Boise. We had a lovely Fourth of July, which included a very short local parade (one fire truck and a few random people), a pancake breakfast, and a barbecue with friends. It also included a whole lot of frantic packing, continued on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon we had a bunch of guys from church show up and empty our apartment in less than half an hour. Then we realized that our stuff wasn't all going to fit into our moving cubes. About two hours later we finally made it fit by giving up our bed. It was either getting rid of it or a bunch of smaller things, and I figured the bed would be the easiest to replace. Then we had to spend Saturday night cleaning and Sunday morning entertaining children in a barren apartment. After church some sweet friends had us over for lunch and we finally

Time suddenly speeds up

This afternoon I decided to suck it up and clean our fridge, since I haven't cleaned it since some time last year and it's now nearly empty (anyone in Seattle want a half-empty bottle of Hoisin sauce?). While I was cleaning, Mr. Fob received a phone call from the moving cube people saying that they are willing to drop the cubes off on Saturday instead of Monday. This accelerates our moving plans a bit, but we're actually both happy about it. I'm definitely going to miss our friends (and the nice summer weather) here in Seattle, but we're getting to the point where we're ready to pack up our stuff and head off to a new adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing all our friends and family in Utah for a few weeks. So tomorrow we're going to spend the holiday enjoying a parade, pancake breakfast, and barbecue with friends. Then Saturday we'll hopefully farm our kids out to friends and spend the day packing like mad. Sunday Mr. Fob will clean the apartment

Reading Roundup: June 2008

Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner I tried to describe this book to someone, and failed. The plot is easy: the book alternates between past and present as a retired historian researches his grandmother's life. I found myself liking the narrative in the past more than the frame story, but they work together well. It took me a long time to read it, and nearly a month later I'm still digesting it. It's a long, slow book, but the writing is fabulous and the story compelling. Long After Dark by Todd Robert Petersen After reading Theric's review , I remembered that I had read a few stories from this collection over the last few years and decided to buy it for myself. I actually didn't like the novella that much, although the quoted section and the theme were powerful. I mainly found myself not liking the characters all that much, though I'm not sure why. Also, as much as I like Mormon fiction, it's so refreshing to read fiction that's just about Mormons and