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Reading Roundup: April 2019

The Lost Man by Jane Harper This is the third book I've read by Harper and it was just as good as her first two. I love the way she incorporates the setting into her mysteries so that it nearly becomes another character. There was a twist in this book that came fairly late in the game, but it worked out with the way the story was written. If you like mysteries and are looking for a new author to read, I'd recommend trying Harper's books.  Tripwire by Traci Hunter Abramson I've read some of Abramson's other books for past Whitney contests and generally enjoyed them. This one had an intriguing concept for the plot, but unfortunately it did not develop the concept well and the middle portion of the novel really dragged. I liked the characters and wouldn't mind reading more about them, but this book needed a bit more action and an adjustment in the pacing. Conviction by Robbin J. Peterson This book was one of my favorite Whitney finalists this year. The