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Checking in, Sort Of

I didn't do a check-in post last Saturday because I was exhausted. Tomorrow my youngest brother leaves to go spend three years in Guam with the Navy, so last weekend we had a quick family-togetherness weekend. It even worked out that my second-youngest brother was passing through town on tour with his band so we all got to be together for a short while. Last Friday night I drove up to Salt Lake to watch them perform in a somewhat sketchy location (the music was great despite the surroundings). Then I got a very small amount of sleep and turned around to drive back up to Salt Lake in order for us to have a family breakfast together before he left to drive with his band to Boise. Then I spent the rest of the day preparing for the party we had last night to say goodbye to my little brother. The weekend was quite nice and everything went well, but there were a lot of things crammed into just a few days. I have also spent most of this week feeling exhausted and stressed out. I didn

Reading Roundup: October 2012

Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton Lupton is one of my new favorite writers; I like how she not only creates a good, complicated plot, but she also writes elegantly and in a more descriptive style than most mystery writers. In this book she made a fairly different narrative choice. It bothered me at first, but after a while I liked it and I really enjoyed the book. Miracle by Elizabeth Scott This book was generally pretty good except that I felt like it was too short. I know that it is YA but it still felt like it ended before the plot got going. I thought the writer's descriptions of PTSD and how people react to a tragedy were well-done, but I had a hard time relating to the protagonist and it seemed like the book ended without a good resolution. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton I read The Forgotten Garden several years ago and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I was really disappointed by Morton's other two books and I spent some time debating reading this one. Th

Saturday Check-In 3

Oh, hello again. Apparently my blog is going to devolve into weekly check-in posts. I hope that doesn't scare off the few readers that are left. Oh well. Last week's goal was to go to bed by 10:30 for four nights of the week. I managed to do that on Sunday night and I felt great the next morning. Then I didn't on Monday night because that's the night I work late. Tuesday I was going to be in bed on time but I forgot about laundry that I needed to get done before Halloween the next day. The next night I was exhausted so I did go to bed on time, but stayed up a bit late finishing a book. I don't remember what happened on Thursday and Friday nights but it didn't involve going to bed on time. Physical : I ate too much candy this week and I feel like a slug. Now that we are heading into the holidays I feel an even greater urge to be more active and feel healthier. I just need to start doing something. I've also been craving salad and fresh food all week but I