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Sunday Musings

Today in Sunday School we were discussing a few chapters in the Book of Mormon. They describe the missionary visit of Alma and Amulek to the apostate Zoramites, who had separated themselves from the rest of the Church and set up new worship rituals meant to aggrandize themselves above others. As Alma was teaching, he was approached by a group of people who were poor and had been forbidden from worshipping because their clothing and outward appearance did not fit the standards of the ruling class. As we went through the chapters that described what Alma and Amulek taught them, I realized that what Alma was primarily trying to get them to do was to change their self-theory, or the way they viewed themselves and their place in the worship process. The scriptures describe this group as being 'poor in spirit', which can be a good thing when it equates to being humble and teachable. However, they were also 'poor in spirit' because they had a poor idea of their spiritual agenc

Learning to be Alone

All my friends lately keep raving about the book Quiet , which is about introverts and how they are undervalued in our society. Apparently I have a lot of introverts for friends. I am also never quite sure if I'm an introvert or not. This seems to change each time I take a personality test. I've always wanted to be an introvert but I just can't help myself. I like people and I want them to like me. Right before my senior year of high school my family moved across the country to Maryland. Before we moved, I decided that I was going to try to change my public persona in my new high school. At my old school in California there was a boy in my grade who never talked. I always kind of envied him; I think I wanted to be mysterious, and I didn't want to bug people. Whenever I made comments in class or talked to other people, I was extremely self-conscious about looking silly or about bothering people. Yet, at the same time I craved connection and I liked sharing my thoughts. I