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Reading Roundup: July 2019

I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie I usually like McKenzie's books, but this one just didn't quite work for me. The characters were all stereotypes, and most of their actions were not very understandable. They did not change or develop throughout the book either, and I was able to figure out the central mystery pretty early on. Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown This is another book where I was able to figure things out early on (sometimes I wonder why characters seem to have never read or watched any mysteries), but I still enjoyed it. It's just as much about the central mystery as it is about a family learning to move on and grow through grief. Say Nothing: a True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland by Patrick Radden Keefe I discovered that it's possible to experience a 'book hangover' after reading nonfiction because I spent at least a day after finishing this book wishing I could read more. The book was a bit slow to start, bu

This Time is a Gift

Remember when I started this blog and S-Boogie was only two? And she was my only kid? Tonight she got in a car and drove herself and her two siblings over to her dad's house. It was weird. She doesn't have her own car and probably won't for a while (I can't even afford paying for my own car, let alone a second one). This weekend she borrowed her dad's car since she went on a date and also to a party with friends. It was easier for her to borrow a car than to use mine and leave us here at home without one.  Somehow my kids all grew up and I'm suddenly the parent of two teenagers and a kid who is only six months away from a double-digit birthday. We're talking about dating and jobs and college and AP classes. Two weeks ago I threw out all the old Play-Doh and recycled the coloring books, and no one cared. I thought that maybe P would care, but she just shrugged a little and went back to reading Harry Potter.  For the past few summers we have decided to sav