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Reading Roundup: January 2020

The Guardians by John Grisham It's been years since I last read a novel by Grisham, but I read a number of positive reviews of this new title and thought it might be worth my time to give it a try. Like many of the author's other novels, this focuses on a contemporary social issue (wrongful convictions), which made it feel a little too didactic in spots. It also wasn't as suspenseful as I had thought it would be--I kept waiting for the conflict to increase or for something awful to happen, and yet it did not. I think it might be better to skip this and just read Just Mercy instead. Audience of One: Donald Trump, Television, and the Fracturing of America by James Poniezowik I rarely read books about politics, but I had read an interview with the author of this book last year and found his ideas to be intriguing. When I ran across the book again at work, I decided to check it out and give it a read. First of all, it reminded me that I have actually watched very litt