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Where did March go?

Remember how in February I really got into exercise and made some great progress? Well, then in March I totally fell off the wagon. I haven't exercised at all since then. School and work and everything just got overwhelming and I've been kind of down all month. I know that exercise would probably help with that feeling, and probably fix some of the sleep issues that have been creeping back into my life. I should try again to get back in the habit. Obviously I totally fell off the blogging bandwagon as well. Looking back over my calendar I don't see anything too out of the ordinary that would make this month feel so stressful. Well, actually I only really ended up with one kid-free weekend instead of my usual two. Out of the past five weekends, only one has been completely without the kids. This weekend they were mostly with Mr. Fob, but my dad came into town on Friday evening to watch S-Boogie's play, so yesterday I picked them up for lunch with their Grandpa and then

Reading Roundup: February 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell This was the only book I read this month that was not a Whitney finalist, and I totally loved it. This has been my latest 'favorite' book that I tell everyone about and insist that they read. I loved the layered aspects of the story--some reviews I read hated the 'fan fiction' parts, but I love it when authors create a world within the story that ties into the rest of the story. I love reading the characters' writing and figuring out how that helps tell their story and how it fits in with what's going on in the book. Although Cath's freshman year is very different from how mine was, I still could relate to her experiences as an anxious, geeky girl trying to find her way in the world for the first time on her own (heck, I'm almost 36 and I still feel like an anxious, socially-awkward nerd). This is a great coming of age book and I think most people would like it. Deep Cover by Traci Hunter Abramson I've read several o