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Oh yeah, I have a blog

Remember when I actually used to talk about my life on this blog? That was fun. I've taken an unscheduled blog break for about a month or so and I think it was good to recharge. It feels a little weird to take up the reins again, but I miss blogging and I want to get back into it. Some of my personal highlights from the last little while: We went to Hawaii for about two weeks. It's been nearly four years since we went back and it was a lovely trip. I think I spent a little too much time stressing about it being a fabulous trip and so I should have relaxed and enjoyed it more, but it was nice. I also didn't fulfill my goal of taking more pictures; part of that was the fact that I'm not great at taking pictures, and part of it was the fact that our camera starting acting weird and actually died before we came home. We also officially hate United Airlines because we ended up with major delays both coming from and going to Hawaii. I don't ever want to spend half the

Reading Roundup: May 2011

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan This was a relatively quick read, and although it is a memoir about the author's cancer diagnosis as well as her father's, it was actually kind of fun. She has so much enthusiasm for her life and love for her father that really come through in her writing; after reading this I really wanted to meet her dad and just hang out with her family. Home Waters: A Year of Recompenses on the Provo River by George Handley This was another memoir, but I have a harder time describing it. Like me, Handley is a transplant to Utah, but also someone with ancestors who originally settled here. He spends a year exploring the Provo river and writes about the different seasons on the river, the layers of history (both social and environmental) in Utah Valley, and his own life experience. I'm having a hard time conveying how amazing this book is. It's memoir, environmental treatise, philosophy, and religion all together. I think everyone should read it, p