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The longest trip to editorgirl's house ever

On Sunday evening we went to editorgirl's house to watch a movie, and I just barely came home today. I should probably be lying down instead of blogging, but Master Fob is at Target picking up my Percocet so I might as well be uncomfortable and blogging instead of lying in bed feeling uncomfortable. So yeah, most of you have read what Master Fob posted for me, and hopefully some of you read his nice gory post about what happened. And there are some cute pictures of the baby on S-Boogie's blog, just remember that I felt as bad as I looked in that one picture of me. Basically, I feel bad now for ignoring my nagging feeling last weekend that something was wrong and that I should get my crampiness checked out. Instead, I kept going and went ahead with my weekend plans. On Sunday night we went over to editorgirl's to enjoy a movie and chocolate cake (I'm also glad I didn't have a second piece of cake, since the first one barely stayed in my stomach). About 9 o'clock

Baby Fob

Master Fob here: Foxy wanted me to post an announcement here that Baby Fob is alive and well. He was born last night after a ruptured placenta and an emergency c-section. He's 7 lbs. 1 oz. and 19" (unless that's a ridiculous length for a newborn, in which case he's some other length ending in -9). We'll post pictures later. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Feathering the nest

I seem to be alternating between feeling totally like crud and feeling massive amounts of energy. That whole "nesting instinct" you might have heard about is a very real thing, folks. When I feel good, all I want to do is clean my house, cook, and finish up all my little projects that are scattered here and there. I really need to convince myself that some of this energy should go towards writing my 10-page paper that's due a week from Monday. Today I wore myself out by cooking a massive bunch of food and freezing it. Call me Molly if you want, but my freezer is now stocked with casseroles. The funny thing is, we don't usually eat very many casseroles, but those were the sorts of recipes I could find that apparently freeze well. Plus, all you have to do is bake them and add a salad or fruit and dinner is ready. I know I'm going to need stuff like that on hand. I usually only buy meat every few months anyways, when I go to Costco and buy giant packages of it that t

Small Blessings

OK, so after all that complaining, yesterday and today have not been too bad at all. I got another decent night of sleep last night. I've decided against taking naps in the afternoon and instead I'm just trying to go to bed at an early hour. Naps seem to mess with my sleep schedule too much. Don't worry, I will change that when I can't get an uninterrupted night of sleep, but for now it seems to be a good strategy. So is eating something every hour or two. I've lost my appetite as of late, but I've discovered that I tend to wilt if my stomach isn't constantly nourished. Also today I had an appointment after my class and when I got home I discovered that I was home alone. Since Master Fob had to go in to work for a while before I was done, S-Boogie went to visit her auntie. And she fell asleep at auntie's house, so I got a few hours all by myself to do productive things and enjoy not dealing with the two-year-old. It's always more exciting to see her

What a difference...

...a good night's sleep will make! Yesterday I was convinced that I just wanted to die because I felt so bad. I haven't been sleeping very well lately at all and yesterday I think I hit the wall. Plus I've actually been having some contractions off and on since Sunday (not so many today, though, don't get too excited yet) and those aren't really very pleasant either. But, despite the fact that I went to bed at midnight last night I still fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep until 8 this morning. Hallelujah! I know I just need to de-stress , but right now that's kind of hard. The last few weeks of pregnancy are stressful, because birth could happen any day now , which really means today or three weeks from today. I've also got school to worry about, and our total lack of funds until Master Fob finds another job, and the fact that I'm still in charge of the Primary, etc., etc... And my grandma has been teetering back and forth between deathly ill and sort


Today in the Smiths parking lot I saw a car that had "Honk if your horney" written on the back window. I thought about honking, but I wasn't sure what a "horney" was or what mine was supposed to be doing...

4 weeks and counting

Four weeks from today I will have a baby. Quite honestly, I haven't been really excited about it for most of this pregnancy. I don't know why, and I really hope this kid doesn't read this sometime in the future and hate me. Right now, though, I'm feeling pretty excited about it and looking forward to June 14th. This afternoon Master Fob and I went to a breastfeeding class and got a refresher on proper latching and all those other fun things. It was interesting and I think it helped me get more into "baby mode" than I have been for a while. I realized today that since we don't have to buy anything for the baby and we aren't setting up anything until the last possible minute due to space restrictions and our destructo-toddler, it hasn't seemed very "real". OK, my bulgy, writhing tummy and swollen feet are pretty real, but the fact that a baby is going to come out of there some day isn't. Then after the breastfeeding class we stopped by

Just before dawn

Yesterday was actually a very nice Mother's Day. When I woke up, S-Boogie greeted me by saying "You have a birthday in the kitchen, Mommy". Master Fob had made me waffles with whipped cream and strawberries on them, as well as a nice card with scribbles from S-Boogie and some cool flowers made of paper with green drinking straw stems. At church I got a tomato plant (our ward decided to be practical) and S-Boogie made me a clay hand print in nursery. Then yesterday afternoon I took a nice long nap, and we spent the evening hanging out with Master Fob's sisters and our niece and nephew. Last night after S-Boogie went to bed we watched Superman 2 (yes, it was slightly better than the first one) and ate rocky road brownies. Then I went to bed and discovered that I couldn't sleep. And I felt depressed. And I started to worry about feeling depressed, because I wasn't sure if it was something temporary or the return of something darker. I kept thinking about all t

The 20th Anniversary Rat Cake


Please refrain from ticking off the pregnant woman

So at my last checkup with the doctor, about a week ago, he looked at my chart, looked up at me and asked "oh, are you just planning on scheduling a c-section?". I think my eyes starting shooting daggers at that point, because his office has been very frustrating to me. I patiently explained that we had already had this discussion several times over the last few months and that I was under the impression that my c-section was already scheduled for June 15th. He said, "oh, you should call the office and talk to Julie, she's the one who does the scheduling." Oh, OK, now you tell me. So I went home and forgot to call the doctor's office back (my appointment was last Thursday, so I had to wait until at least Monday to call because they are closed on Fridays). Finally today I got around to calling the office. The first thing I found out was that my doctor wasn't going to be in town the week of the 15th. That's fine, since there are two other doctors avail

Happy Rat Day!

No, this is not a nationally celebrated holiday of the type that Absent-minded Secretary should be listing on her blog. It is, or was, however, a major event in my house while I was growing up. When I was in first grade, our classroom had a variety of animals, including rats. Then one glorious day, the rats had babies. If we got parental permission, we could bring home a baby rat of our very own to raise and love! I thought that this was a fabulous idea, although my mother really didn't think so at all. She grew up on a farm, where rodents fall somewhere lower than rocks on the scale of God's creations. Luckily I was able to convince my dad, and so I got a nice little cage and water bottle and brought home my very first rat, whom I named Eskimo Pie because of her black and white coloring. Since Eskimo Pie is a somewhat awkward name, she quickly became simply "Ratty" and was one of my best friends for the next few years until she broke her leg and had to be put to slee

A nice Saturday

I am probably one of the few people out there who doesn't like Saturdays. The thing is, I'm spoiled and don't usually have to spend an entire day home alone. Master Fob has a wonderfully flexible schedule and for the past few years we've gotten used to him having various hours home during the day (often while I'm at school, but it's still not that bad). If he had a "normal" full-time job, I would be home with S-Boogie by myself every day. Of course, if he had a more normal job he wouldn't be working Friday nights or all day on Saturdays. But, his nice flexible schedule has also made going to grad school possible for me, so I shouldn't complain too much. And I feel horribly guilty for dreading the one day I get to spend completely on my own with my child. However, anyone out there who has a two-year-old might understand a little bit. So I usually end up dreading Saturdays because I have to find a way to fill the entire day by myself without goin


I have to start this post with a confession that will sorely disappoint my mother: until Wednesday, it had been about five years since I last visited the dentist. I know, I know--I need to take better care of my teeth. We've even had dental insurance for the last few years, but I never got around to using it. I do floss and brush very regularly, though, so I really do care. I did pass my checkup with mostly flying colors and was told that my flossing has paid off because my teeth and gums are fabulous. I do have two small cavities, but they aren't really my fault. Apparently the sealants that someone put on my farthest back molars have gotten old and cracked, so stuff has leaked in and caused some little cavities underneath them. It's time for repairs, which will happen in about a week or so. The best part about my dentist visit: I surprised my old roommate, Angela, from freshman year! She just graduated from dental school last year and moved back to Utah (she and her hubby

Trip review

In case you are wondering, our trip to Vegas was quite a lot of fun. On Saturday S-Boogie spent even more time in the sandbox and the pool, and then that evening the Thteeds showed up on their way back to California (so far my parents don't seem to mind that we keep inviting our friends along when we visit their house). We all watched New York Doll on Saturday night and I enjoyed it quite a lot. My parents have 9:00 church, so we ended up being heathen and skipping it completely. Perhaps that wasn't such a great idea, since shortly after the Thteeds left on their merry way we received a phone call that they had run into complications before even reaching the freeway. They ended up staying another night--not for the best of reasons, but hopefully the meatloaf, angel food cake with strawberries, raucous stories and photos, and the hot tub made up for all of it. On Monday S-Boogie and the Big O spent several more hours playing together. I'm not too hopeful about their futu

"Ewww, I'm like the crypt keeper"

It's now been: 2 1/2 years since I had my first child 3 years since I graduated from college 4 1/2 years since I got married 5 1/2 years (almost) since I got home from my mission 7 years since I got my mission call 10 years since I graduated from high school 16 years since I left Primary 20 years since I got baptized And... 28 years since I entered the world Dang, where does the time go? P.S.--Bonus points to the first person to identify the movie quote