Saturday Check-In 3

Oh, hello again. Apparently my blog is going to devolve into weekly check-in posts. I hope that doesn't scare off the few readers that are left. Oh well. Last week's goal was to go to bed by 10:30 for four nights of the week. I managed to do that on Sunday night and I felt great the next morning. Then I didn't on Monday night because that's the night I work late. Tuesday I was going to be in bed on time but I forgot about laundry that I needed to get done before Halloween the next day. The next night I was exhausted so I did go to bed on time, but stayed up a bit late finishing a book. I don't remember what happened on Thursday and Friday nights but it didn't involve going to bed on time.

Physical: I ate too much candy this week and I feel like a slug. Now that we are heading into the holidays I feel an even greater urge to be more active and feel healthier. I just need to start doing something. I've also been craving salad and fresh food all week but I haven't had a chance to go to the store. Monday I will definitely buy some fruits and veggies and eat more of them next week.

Emotional: This week was really up and down for me. Monday was stressful because I had car trouble; thankfully it was resolved relatively quickly and all costs were covered by my warranty, but it meant missing most of my work day and having to deal with a lot of crap. Plus that night at work something happened that really upset me and I didn't want to have to deal with it on top of everything else. Wednesday was Halloween and even though I don't usually enjoy it I ended up having a good time. Thursday and Friday P.Bibby was a bit sick and, of course, that was a bit stressful as well. Today I was stressed in the morning because we had a bunch of errands to run, including family pictures. Miraculously the kids behaved super well during the pictures, their outfits looked cute (except P. Bibby's wonky hair), and the experience was painless. Tonight ended well when I went out to dinner and a movie with some friends. So, trying to quantify my emotional state at any particular time is difficult.

Spiritual: Still an area I need to work on, still mostly feeling kind of 'blah' in this part of my life as well. The other week we had a lesson in Relief Society on preparing for the Sabbath and I felt motivated by it, but then I just stayed out late tonight watching a movie and I really didn't do much to be more prepared for tomorrow. I think I should try again next Saturday.

This week's goal: find 10 minutes each day to read scriptures.


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