Back on the Wagon

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I had started exercising again and had successfully met my goal of working out three times a week. Unfortunately during the next two weeks I didn't do such a great job. The next week I exercised on Tuesday night; then on Thursday night I had my book club and came home late. I thought I would at least exercise on Saturday morning, but I stayed out too late on Friday and was completely exhausted Saturday. This was past week wasn't much better. I worked out on Tuesday night, but Thursday was Halloween and we were trick-or-treating instead (at least I was walking around quite a bit, so I think that counts). Then yesterday morning I did not get up and exercise; however, we spent two hours outside raking leaves and getting the yard ready for winter. Meeting my new exercise goal and getting into better habits has been a bit uneven but I am still committed to making it happen and having some positive changes in my life. 

Those last two weeks have been busy, but without too much that is significant to report. I have been at my new job for six months and feel pretty confident and settled in. It's time to apply for funding for continuing education and conference travel for next year and I enjoyed the positive feedback I got from my supervisors as I did that. It is very validating to work in a place where people care about me personally, appreciate the work I do, and encourage me to continue learning more about my field so I can keep contributing. I also finally straightened out some issues I was having with financial aid and feel much better about my ability to keep paying for school. The one class I am taking this semester has turned out to not be too difficult, but next semester I am going to try taking two classes and things might get a bit crazy. Even though juggling school and work is tricky I have been feeling happy with my decision to pursue a degree right now and I love the fact that what I am learning about in school and what I do at work go together well and complement each other. 

We all survived Halloween this year too; it's not my favorite holiday and I get stressed out by the need to get costumes, buy candy, carve pumpkins, and so on. The kids love it so much--this year P.Bibby is old enough for it to be a big deal and she spent all month talking excitedly about all things Halloween. Even though I am a big grumpy about the whole thing, it's hard to stay grumpy when surrounded by people who love it so much. This year we are going to go to visit Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving and it is a relief because I don't have to think about the holiday. Sometimes I love planning meals and hosting visitors, but right now that does not sound fun at all. I'm sure I'll be in that mood by Christmas time because my semester will be over and work will be less crazy, but for Thanksgiving I would be happy to just eat some bean burritos by the pool and call it good. 

October went by quickly and was a good month. Lately I have been feeling good mentally most of the time and it is such a relief to feel happy and balanced instead of sad and anxious. I still have my days and moments, and still wish my life were different in a number of ways, but I think I'm getting back on track to living in a more balanced way emotionally. Hopefully the next year will be full of good things!


Earth Sign Mama said…
Pretty sure we'll more than bean burritos to eat...How about enchiladas, too?
The Weed said…
Making positive change can be so difficult, but I really do think you have the right idea. It's about making small adjustments that last over time, I think, more so than large shifts (which will likely be abandoned after they fall apart). I am constantly trying to make adjustments, too, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

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