Trying to Write a Blog Post

It's been almost a month since I last wrote a post on here. I keep thinking "I should write a post; I have stuff to say." And then I don't end up writing anything after all. Stuff has happened--it's been a mostly good month I guess. I might write a better post about the last month at some point later this week. Here, however, is a quick glance into a typical evening around here. 

5:30--Get home from work and talk to the babysitter a bit before she leaves. Put away my things and figure out dinner. I actually made a menu plan and bought supplies for meals this week, but no one is feeling excited about breakfast for dinner (too many pancakes at their dad's house over the weekend). 

5:45--Decide to make some veggie soup and biscuits for dinner. It's a bit ambitious, but uses up food I have on hand and sounds tasty. P. Bibby "helps", which mostly means getting in my way while I try to quickly make dinner. At least we get to spend some time together chatting about things. She impresses me with her ability to eat a piece of raw onion--she says it's "spicy" and that she likes spicy things. 

6:30--Dinner is finally on the table. It's a little later than usual, but everyone is hungry and enthusiastically eats all their food. Veggie soup gets a 10 out of 10 from everyone.

7:00 Finish cleaning up dinner and work on getting P.Bibby in the shower. After her shower she gets a few minutes to watch a show on the iPad and I think I might sit down and start a blog post. Instead, I realize that I'd should load the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen. I also start a load of laundry during her show. 

8:00 After reading stories and brushing teeth, P. Bibby is finally in bed. I try to decide whether I should go downstairs to exercise, log in to my current class to read this week's assignments, or write a blog post. Schoolwork wins, so I log in and figure out what's due this week, read some discussion posts, and respond to a discussion topic. Then I catch up on blogs I'm reading on Feedly and respond to a few emails for Church.

9:00 Oops--that all took longer than I thought it would. I remind the older two children that "it really is bedtime, now". Maybe now it's time for a blog post? No, I just remembered that it's time to register for fall classes and I need to figure out what I'm taking. Time to eat an ice cream bar and peruse the schedule, syllabi, and online instructor reviews. I figure out my classes and register. I'm also interrupted a number of times from people who should be in bed for questions about the texture of their latest bowel movements (eat more fiber), what happens to garbage after it is picked up by the garbage truck, and whether or not there are potstickers in the refrigerator. My answer to all these questions is generally "go to bed!"

9:30 Maybe now I will write a blog post. Then I click on the blog to read what my last post was about, and then I get sucked into reading archived posts from years ago that I've read way too many times before. I do this way more often than I would like to admit...

9:45 OK, I really will write a post, but first I'd better check on kids. First I have to change a poopy pull-up (so tired of that routine), then I remember to go downstairs and scoop the litter box, then I check on the dryer to make sure I have clean, dry underwear for tomorrow (yay!). One final check to make sure the lights are off, the blinds are shut and the doors are locked.

10:15 Hmm, I should be in bed within 15 minutes. I should probably get ready instead of writing a blog post. No, I'm going to do it anyway because it's been so long. Too bad it's not very interesting and provides no useful information to any of my readers. Maybe later this week I'll have time to write something substantive after all.


Earth Sign Mama said…
This is an awesome post. It perfectly illustrates why there are not fascinating, erudite posts being written every day. That you even have a moment to write this is is simply inspiring. Bravo!
The Weed said…
Fun glimpse into your life!
The Weed said…
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