In Another Life

In another life I would live in a large European city like London or Madrid. I would ride my bike or take public transportation to get around. I would shop at little stores for fancy bread and cheese and spend my weekend afternoons going for walks in the park.

In another life I would live in a small town on the Oregon coast or an island in Puget Sound. I would own a bookstore or a bakery and walk on the beach every evening.

In another life I would have long hair that I styled extravagantly in braids or buns and it would always flatter my face.

In another life I would get up early in the mornings to go running.

In another life I would know how to dress stylishly and how to decorate my house and maintain my yard. I would also have the energy and motivation to do these things.

In another life I would have a PhD in history and teach at a small university. I would write books about the lives of early modern women in Europe or about medieval literary culture.

In another life I would be an accountant and live in southern California or Hawaii. I'd spend my weekend mornings kayaking on the ocean.

In another life I'd go out on a lot of dates with interesting, attractive men.

In another life I would have more kids, maybe 5 or 6.

In another life I would be married to someone who also loves conversations about all kinds of topics, from intellectual to mundane. We'd enjoy grocery shopping together and watching obscure foreign films while we eat gelato.

In another life I would dare to wear leggings and tunics, and my feet would fit into cute ballet flats.

In another life I would be better at making and maintaining friendships. I would have better relationships with my family and feel less intimidated by people. 

In another life I wouldn't want to waste my time on Buzzfeed quizzes and mediocre television shows. 

In another life I might be just as happy or just as unhappy as I am now. 


Julie said…
I want the alternate European life also...But you're right, life wouldn't necessarily be better in an alternate situation, it would simply be different. Different good and different bad, but still both good and bad.

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