The Fourth Commandment

We're still a little short on furniture since we moved in; nothing we can't live without, but our microwave is sitting on the dining room floor and we have no nightstands. So I've been patiently watching Craigslist hoping to solve both problems in an economical way. This afternoon I thought I had finally gotten my wish when someone posted a pair of nice-looking nightstands that would match our headboard well. I've discovered that most people just have one nightstand, but we'd really like two. I asked the guy selling them if I could come by the in the morning, but he said this afternoon would be better. I quashed my guilty feelings about the sabbath and hopped in the car with Mr. Fob and the kids for a lovely half-hour drive. Well, first of all the kids screamed at each other the entire way there. S-Boogie has fallen in love with riding bikes and shows it by behaving terribly in the car: wiggling out of her seatbelt, unbuckling her seatbelt, pinching Little Dude, whining, and other lovely things like that. And Little Dude was just tired and grumpy. Then when we got to the house it turns out that the man had just sold them to someone else who had called after me and who had been able to get there more quickly. So frustrating! I guess I learned today that shopping on Craigslist on Sunday is not the best idea.


Hey, I could have a similiar experience any day of the week, I'm sure. Don't beat yourself up. :)
Kristi said…
What a pain. All that effort to have your Sunday afternoon nap completely wasted in vain - so sad. :) Good luck finding some good deals on what you want, though.
TK said…
Until you find what you want, a roll of contact paper and some sturdy cardboard boxes work pretty well. Ask Mr. Fob about the 'black marble' nightstand he had as a teen (although perhaps for that very reason, he may be 'contact papered' out. :)

Hint: Some of the best contact paper I've found has come from the Dollar Stores. Otherwise, it can be expensive, too.

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