Notes to Myself

I love to go grocery shopping and I love figuring out meal plans. I guess I'm just a little obsessed with food. Since we moved in I've been spending a lot of money stocking up our pantry because we used up most of our food in an attempt to save space in our moving cubes (and I'm glad I did). I'd love to get more long-term storage things, but right now I feel good about having a pretty decent supply of stuff that could get us through a short time without major trips to the store. I realized today, though, that my shopping is probably getting out of hand. For one thing, the food budget is a bit excessive and I don't actually get a stipend for another month. And then as I was putting away the four boxes of cereal I got at Target today (they were a great deal), I remembered the two large boxes of cereal I got last week at Safeway and had forgotten about. That doesn't even include the extra-large box of Raisin Bran we got last week at Costco. So this is a note to myself: don't buy more cereal for a while. There's nowhere to put it.

On the other hand, I do feel good about my decision to buy S-Boogie a booster seat for the car. When Little Dude was born we bought her a bigger carseat that could be used as a booster. However, during the last few months we've discovered that it's more of a pain to use it that way. The size of the seat prevented the belt from fitting closely and it was so high up that she couldn't buckle her own seat belt. So I finally bit the bullet and got her a booster seat. Since she's still so small we got her the kind with a back so the seat belt can stay off her neck, and it fits her a lot better. Plus she can buckle her own belt, so now I only have to deal with one kid when we get in the car. Now I've learned that the bigger carseats with seatbelt guides on the sides really aren't worth it. At the time it was the best choice because she was too small for a booster, but now I'm glad we finally have her in something more comfortable for all of us.


When you first move, grocery shopping is doubly expensive for about two months.
Desmama said…
It is so nice when they can buckle themselves. DesTot is finally there and I'm glad. She even likes to help buckle TinyDes, which is probably a good thing since in a few months I'll have a third to snap in anyway. Now, on to potty-training TinyDes . . . :)

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