The End is Near

The end of summer is almost here. The kids start school next week; today the school posted the lists so that they can see what class they are in. S-Boogie has a teacher that I have heard good things about, but none of the friends she has spent the last three grades with are in her class. She has taken that bit of news well, thankfully, and at least they get lunch and recess time to hang out. Little Dude has a teacher that I'm not familiar with, but his friend is in his class so I think he'll be all right.

I think we mostly had a good summer. It went by fast and I feel like I didn't do as much as I would have liked to. Next summer I should feel more settled in to my job and I'll have some time off, so that will help me be able to get a little more time for fun things. The kids did spend almost a week with my parents at their house, and then took another trip to California with my sister to go camping with my family.

I am, as always, anxious for a new season to start. Fall is my favorite season because of the cooler temperatures, the pretty fall colors, and the tasty food options. I'm also sick of my summer wardrobe and ready for a change, and I'm excited for the kids to be back in school again.

Fall always makes me want to set new goals and resolutions. I want to create a new schedule for the kids and get them back on track with doing more chores and spending less time on 'screen time'. (Today I had a brilliant idea that I'm going to try this fall: they can earn screen time by spending time outside or by reading. I think it might work). Lately I've been also wanting to do a better job of eating a more healthy diet. I've been trying to eat more fruits and veggies at snacks, since that is a particular weakness of mine. I've also been buying fewer snacks like granola bars for the kids, hoping we can get them to eat things like fruit, homemade muffins, or cheese. It's cheaper and more nourishing. I'm also trying to come up with better lunch options for them since neither of them likes sandwiches very much. Last year I let S-Boogie have school lunch twice a week, but this year they've raised the lunch price and Little Dude is going to school too so I don't know if I can still do that. I need to see how my budget looks without so much money coming out for childcare each month.

The thing I'm not looking forward to next week is getting everyone up and ready for the day each morning. I started my job towards the end of the school year last year, and Little Dude was in afternoon kindergarten, so I haven't had to be so strict about our schedule. This summer I've gotten a bit lax about my sleeping habits and I need to get back into going to bed early so my mornings go well. Hopefully I can find my self-discipline some time soon.


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