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Although many of my friends have blogs that seem to have fallen by the wayside a bit, I still have a few that regularly publish stuff. I really enjoy reading their blogs and every time I do I think "I should just write more." I shouldn't worry about waiting for a better title or a more coherent theme. I like writing about my life but I spend too much time trying to craft a fabulous post and not enough time actually practicing the craft of writing.

The kids started school last week and we all started a new routine. So far things seem to be going along all right. They have made it to school on time every day and most mornings we have even managed to have scripture study first. I have been making a greater effort to get up early enough to manage the morning routine and I have also been trying to force them to stick with it. It still requires a lot of coaxing and reminding on my part, but I think we're making progress. Right now my main frustration is that when I leave the older two eating breakfast so I can get ready, I almost always emerge from the bathroom ten minutes later to find one or both of them in tears because they were fighting. They are both kind of cranky and sensitive in the morning, Little Dude especially, so I've actually been urging them not to talk to each other in the mornings. We'll see how that goes.

The last few days everyone has been particularly grouchy and touchy, and this morning was the worst as far as fighting went. However, for the last few days everyone has also had a runny nose and I think the kids have picked up a virus from school. When I got home from work today I realized that S-Boogie looked totally miserable. I took her temperature and realized that it was 102.7. No wonder she had been so cranky this morning! I gave her some ibuprofen, we ate leftovers for dinner, and I let the kids veg out downstairs watching Scooby Doo for an hour. We had planned to go to the library but that didn't seem like a good idea. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help everyone feel better and next week will be a better one than this one.

This was the first week of school at the university and so work has been extra crazy. We have the difficult combination of massively increased demand for items coupled with a bunch of brand-new student workers that need training. Every day has been an adventure and I'm looking forward to next Monday's holiday so much.

This weekend is also going to be exciting because I'm adopting two kitties. My friend has two kitties that need a home and I have been wanting to get a cat for a while. Two cats are not that much more work than one, and they can entertain each other while we're gone during the day. I have been a bit nervous to get all the supplies I need and to make the transition to being a pet owner. At least cats are pretty low-maintenance once you get everything situated and the kids are going to be so excited. I actually haven't told them yet, and I'm going to get the cats on Saturday morning so they will be here when the kids get back that evening.

I'm trying to get back into doing more things with my life besides cleaning the house, reading books, parenting, and working. The minimum requirements are getting done but I still feel like I want more hobbies and things. On other days, though, I feel happy with what I've got and remember that I still have time in the future when things won't be so intense. Who knows what the right choice is? I do know that I feel pretty sane most of the time so I guess that means that what I'm doing is all right. Maybe writing more on my blog will help my sanity too. We'll see.


brinestone said…
Okay, I know I'm kind of a random stranger from the internet (actually more of a friend of several mutual friends), but if you need any cat supplies, we have some. We had a cat for about two weeks and bought nearly everything for her and then had to get rid of her. I'm still sad about it, and her stuff sits in our garage unused. I assume you've gotten everything you need, but if not . . . well, just let me know.
AmyJane said…
I hear you on the fighting kids....but I was seriously hoping that going back to school would stop the fighting!
I hope you and your kids continue to settle into the routine. It's always a big transition.
Jenny said…
I love reading your blog! The morning school rush...ugh. My favorite is when the baby decided to be all tired and clingy and cranky and I'm like, now is not the time baby!
Desmama said…
I felt so guilty after reading this I went and blogged. ;) Way to motivate me.
Th. said…

Look at all these comments!

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