Happy Leap Day!

I just realized that I'd better write something today, since I won't have an opportunity to post on February 29th for another four years. We celebrated today by going to Costco. It was actually a bad idea since we just got our tax return and I was feeling spendy. Thankfully I really didn't do much damage to the budget; my biggest splurges were an Easter dress for S-Boogie and a new Crock Pot. We've been looking for an Easter dress for a while, so it wasn't an entirely unplanned purchase. I liked it, she liked it, and I didn't want to have to drive all the way back up to Costco next week just to buy a dress. The Crock Pot was also somewhat planned; I had a coupon for ten dollars off and had just planned to look at it. I've been debating replacing our Crock Pot for several years now. It works, but shortly after we got it the knob broke off and it's really difficult to change the setting. Usually I have to get pliers out to grip the little plastic stub on the front. I felt silly replacing something that still worked, but I've been "making do" for five years now and I'm glad to have a new, digital Crock Pot. It even came with one of those tiny pots for warm dips; now I just need to think of an excuse for having a party with nachos or chocolate fondue. I have way too many recipes and not enough occasions to use them. Perhaps I should become a caterer instead of a professor.

Mr. Fob's cousin wrote a "four years ago" post on her blog, and it really struck me how long four years can be. It doesn't feel like that long ago, but our lives were very different then. S-Boogie was only six months old. We were living in our dark brown apartment in Orem (brown carpet, brown panelling); Mr. Fob was working part-time at the library and I wasn't working or in school. We were dirt poor, so that much hasn't changed in our lives. I had just gotten called to the Primary presidency, but didn't yet know that in a few months I'd end up being called to be the president. I didn't know that I'd get accepted to BYU and actually do a master's degree. Nor did I know that I'd actually enjoy teaching and want to go on to get a PhD. I didn't even know about blogging yet or imagine the friends and connections I'd make. Looking back makes me wonder where our lives will be in another four years. I guess we'll have to wait until my next leap year post to find out.


Ice Cream said…
Awww, Now I'm wishing I had done something like this. Wow, four years ago... yeah, a LOT has changed.

I had my first crockpot for 10 years and I was also doing the needle nose pliers things to turn the broken switch. Last November my husband accidentally droped it and shattered the crock. I was so happy =) Now we have a much bigger and nicer one.

Here sia fun crockpot blog:
Leap Day always reminds me of a friend I used to teach with. Her oldest son was born on Feb 29, 2000. Which I think must be the coolest birthday ever.

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