A Better Day

I hate it when I write a post about a bad day and then don't have time to come back and blog for a few more days. There are negative moments in life, but generally things are all right. I think I'm starting to recover from this last week (for the record, it wasn't totally bad, but there were bad moments). Yesterday and today were generally pretty pleasant days, although I really do need to find a better way to manage my time so I can get enough sleep.

Yesterday morning I woke up to snow. This actually made for a good day; I love looking at snow and it wasn't enough to be horribly inconvenient. Mr. Fob shovelled the driveway so I could get out and go to church, and when I got there one of my friends had saved the bench in front of her family for me so she could help with my kids. They were actually well-behaved during sacrament meeting, but it was nice to have someone else spend some time holding the baby because she has become a super wiggly monkey lately. I did get the baby to sleep during Sunday School so I got some quiet time in the mother's lounge to read my scriptures while I was rocking her. Then I had some other lovely people come sit on the front row with me in Relief Society to hold the baby while I played the piano. My ward is so awesome.

We also put up our Christmas decorations over the weekend. We still don't have a tree, but I love our nativity sets and we got some cool lighted garland to go on the mantel to hide our stocking clips. Mr. Fob also put up some colored lights in the window and I love sitting in our festive living room listening to Christmas music. Today I took things easy and spent time enjoying some good music, a lovely white landscape outside the window, and bean-and-bacon soup in the crock-pot. The kids wanted to make some 'christmas tree cakes' they found in a craft book and so we did that, even though all we had to decorate them with were Halloween sprinkles. I still have worries and sorrows but taking the time to enjoy some of the good things makes life a little better.


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