Slow Down

Some days are just slow days. I woke up this morning and realized "I have nothing to do today." Obviously there are plenty of things I could get done, like cleaning my baseboards, organizing my pantry, preparing lessons for next week, cleaning my shower, and so on. There just wasn't anything pressing. I know that I have been blogging about how busy my life is lately, and most of the time it is, but this week is a slow one for a lot of reasons. We've also suddenly hit winter weather and all I want to do is hibernate

So today I sat on the couch and read: part of a book, the new Ensign, my scriptures. I took pictures of Little Dude making block towers for the baby to knock over. I packed up Little Dude and the baby and took them to play at the mall playground for an hour. When my sister-in-law came over to use our scanner, I just hung out with her and looked at her pictures. Tonight I made an easy dinner of scrambled egg burritos and smoothies. Mr. Fob and I watched TV together. It was a slow day.

When I have days like this I worry that I'm never going to catch up. Sometimes I get in a rut where I just let inertia talk me into avoiding the dishes, letting the messes pile up, and ignoring it all with my head in a book. On the other hand, I've always managed to get my energy back again after a few days. I guess I shouldn't think of days like today as slow; I'm just recharging.


Earth Sign Mama said…
Wait...look at all the things you got done: you played with your children; you spent time with a beloved relative; you read uplifting literature/information; you fed your family and had some quality time with your husband. I'd say that was all time well spent. You got a LOT done.
Desmama said…
I'm glad someone else is avoiding cleaning their baseboards and organizing their pantry and any other less-than-savory housecleaning items. I'm going to lose myself in a book today and enjoy my day in all the other ways you did. ;)

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