Counting my blessings

For the past two years I have done NaBloPoMo, but I just didn't feel up to it this year. The year before that I posted two weeks of 'thankful' posts. Neither of those things is going to happen this year; don't worry, I'm still thankful for the same things I've posted about before. I just wanted to share a few of the good things that have been happening lately. Life still has its little annoyances and I never feel like I have enough patience, time, or sleep; that doesn't mean that there's not good to be found everywhere.

We've been in our house for nearly a year and I love being here. I love our home itself; it's just the right size for us and so comfortable. I'm looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving with many of my family members here and I love having a home that gives me space to have family gatherings.

During the last few days the older two kids have been playing together really well. A week or so ago we had a scary incident where they got in a fight when I couldn't intervene and they were throwing toys at each other (large toys--it wasn't good). But they've redeemed themselves by being amazing together for a few days now; this morning they went downstairs and took a bath together and got ready for church together all on their own. It took them an hour, but we had that kind of time since we went to a missionary farewell instead of our usual ward.

Yesterday when I went to Target to get a few things I found some meat that was marked down to half-off. I also happened to have some coupons for meat so I got it for an even cheaper price. We don't eat meat that often so it will last us a while.

My mom is very sweet and sent me some money to help pay for hosting Thanksgiving. I thought of being proud and refusing the help, but instead I choose to accept it with a grateful heart. I will still use it wisely, but now I know I can afford to buy pecans for pecan pie (they're pricey, aren't they?)

The university offered me two classes to teach again next semester. They aren't the ideal scheduling I would have liked, however they are the same course that I'm teaching now so that will help a lot with writing my syllabus and everything else.

We're planning a big vacation to Hawaii next June and have already booked a place to stay. We haven't been since Little Dude was one and so I'm really excited to go again. We thought it would be nice for us to rent our own place for a little while and then it ended up turning into a little family reunion. I've never stayed in a beach house before and I'm looking forward to spending a few days hanging out with family. It's giving me motivation to try and stay in my budget for the next few months.


my wife is also so excited when she finds meat and other things on discount - its the best little find of the day!

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