I was surprised

Remember how last week I said that I would be very surprised if P. Bibby didn't have craniosynostosis? Well, according to the doctors she doesn't. That's a relief since I spent the last week pouring a lot of mental energy into figuring out how to work major surgery for my baby into my life. I'm very glad that we won't have to do anything major to fix it. I do admit still feeling a little worry simply because we just have to wait for the problem to correct itself and I hope it does. The CT scan showed normal bone growth in her head and so the doctor feels that the problem is plagiocephaly, or distortion cause by her sleeping position. That often shows up as a flat head, but there are other manifestations such as P. Bibby's case where her head has apparently been pushed from the side so much that the right said has been pushed forward and the left hasn't caught up yet. Considering how much she sleeps and the fact that she sucks the fingers on the right side, it makes sense. Like I said, I just hope her head won't look like that forever.

Although our day was long it went pretty well. My cousin's wife emailed me earlier this week to see if they could help us out, so we went up to Salt Lake last night and stayed in their home. It was nice to see them and it meant only a 15-minute drive with the baby this morning instead of an hour-long (at least) drive through morning traffic. The scan was not as scary as I had anticipated; they just needed to look at her head so the scan itself was short and they used a sedative that didn't make her completely unconscious, just really out of it. It was a little scary to see her so 'gone', but they were monitoring her and the entire time period for the sedation was only about half an hour total. We are feeling very relieved that we don't have to do anything worse to her than that. The final thing that made my day was when the eye doctor I saw last week called us back tonight to follow up on the scan and the results. He is an awesome person and one of the nicest doctors I have ever dealt with.


BurkeAndEmily said…
*whew* Those surprises are so good.
kto1s said…
We like those surprises! Hooray for no surgery needed!
rantipoler said…
That is indeed a very good surprise.

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