Through the Day

If I had been blogging at 10 this morning I would have told you that my day so far had been fantastic. I got up and rode the exercise bike for a while, then helped the kids with breakfast, and started cleaning. I vacuumed the entire upstairs, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and then swept and mopped the kitchen floor after the baby went to bed. Oh, and I make bread this morning.

If I had been blogging at 2 this afternoon I would have told you about whiny the baby was. And I would have told you about how I gave in to Little Dude's pleading to make a volcano like the one in the Super Science Book. It's an extra special volcano where you add some red Jell-O powder to make it look cool. It was a lot of fun until I foolishly left the room for a few minutes to change the baby's diaper and came back to a giant puddle of sticky red gelatin-infused vinegar dripping all over my cabinets and freshly washed floor.

If I had been blogging at 4 I would have shared my excitement about the email I got from Jeopardy! inviting me to an in-person audition in Salt Lake in March. I had taken the online test almost a year ago, but assumed that since I had not heard anything that meant I had not passed. I guess I did after all, and the bonus is that the tryout is on a Thursday morning so it doesn't conflict with work. Hopefully the third time is it and 2011 will be the year I get on Jeopardy.

If I had been blogging at 5 I would have discussed my regret over having realized that we had gone several months without a major illness. The baby woke up from her nap sad, hot, and shaky--she had a fever of 103! Little Dude was drooping too so I took his temperature and found that he was at 102. They both got ibuprofen and drinks and an hour of snuggling on the couch with me. By then the medicine seemed to be working and they were feeling good enough to have some dinner (baked potatoes are a good back-up plan) and get to bed early. Hopefully we will all get a decent sleep.

Right now I need to get to bed. I spent too long creating a new lesson plan for tomorrow because I didn't like my old one. I hope it will work well. I also hope the baby is well enough to go to her appointment tomorrow. I scheduled a visit with an office that makes shaping helmets to see if she is a good candidate for one and talk about her options for fixing her flat head because we weren't feeling comfortable about 'wait and see'. More on that soon. Now it's time for one more lemon bar before going to sleep. My biggest wish is that I will be spared this illness. Part-time instructors don't get substitutes.


Kristi said…
Man, it's amazing how many ups and downs a day can have. I can only imagine what my reaction to red blobs on a clean floor would be. It wouldn't be pretty, that's for sure.

That's exciting about Jeopardy!. I hope we can see you on TV.
Th. said…

Jessie's yeaer.

(What is 2011?)
thats the down side to the printed word- so many things happen in between posts, especially with kids!
Blue said…
I don't know what it means, but the word verification to leave a comment on this post is:


so I'm thinking things are looking up for you! ♥

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