This Week in Review

I always seem to hit the wall on Friday afternoons. I've been so busy all week that I just feel done. Right now the kids are watching cartoons and I don't care. We got a projector a few weeks ago and they still love the novelty of watching stuff on the wall. Their favorite game right now is 'movie theater' where they make tickets and pretend refreshments and invite us down to the basement to watch DVDs. It's fun for the whole family. This past week Mr. Fob and I have been re-watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy; it's fun to see them on the big screen (or wall, as it were). Now I'm anxiously waiting for someone to turn Return of the King in to the library so we can complete our experience.

This week I feel like I've been doing a good job trying to stick with my motto of 'use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without' when it comes to food. I thought I my budget was doing great until I realized that for some reason in Excel it wasn't adding up the first few items in the groceries column. Oops. We still have enough money and food to get through the rest of the month, but it's less than I thought. On Monday we had mini-pizzas that used up some tomato sauce I had leftover from last week (sadly we had no olives to make faces on them), Tuesday I made enchiladas with the corn tortillas, summer squash, and leftover pork roast languishing in my fridge. Wednesday we had Indian food and I was feeling too lazy to make naan so I discovered that fresh cooked tortillas are an excellent substitute. I think pre-made tortillas that you cook yourself are the best new thing since pre-shredded cheese. Lately I've also been in love with toasted nuts; if you toast your nuts before putting them in salads or cookies they are infinitely more tasty.

This time of year I long for winter in California, especially when it is cold and brown and everything is covered with dirty snow. I miss the cool fog and the pounding rain storms. I miss the fact that winter is green there. I wish I could magically live in San Luis Obispo for half the year and Orem the other half. Or that I could magically transport all the people I love to San Luis Obispo so we could all live happily there.

I've had a lot of good posts in my head, and yet I have again failed to write them all down before they went away. Lately I feel like I'm busy all the time and yet never accomplishing anything that I want to. I've been trying to figure out why this is and how to fix that, starting with a Family Home Evening on Monday to help the kids remember what their responsibilities are and help them set some goals. Hopefully it will help.


Chillygator said…
I totally have a testimony of pre-made tortillas.
skyeJ said…
Pre-made tortillas??!? Where have these been all my life?? Where do you get them?
FoxyJ said…
They've been at Costco in a really big package :) That's where I've usually bought mine, but I have seen smaller packages at other grocery stores. Usually in the refrigerated deli section. I think it's something Trader Joe's might even have now too. You just cook them yourself on a nice hot pan for a minute or so and they are super awesome. I like to eat one for a treat with some butter and cinnamon-sugar or nutella rolled up inside. Mmm..

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