A Good Day

Today was one of those rare, perfect days. It was a gift and a blessing, and I want to write it down so that I can remember it. The older kids have Fall Break from school for two days; I took the evening off from work and decided to just focus on having a fun day together as a family.

The morning started out well with Little Dude waking up in a good mood and S-Boogie sleeping in enough to catch up on lost sleep. We hung around the house for a while and they actually helped me clean up the family room in the basement. I also made some yummy gingerbread muffins.

As it got closer to lunch time I was having a debate with myself about the fact that I had told the kids earlier this week that we would go hiking today. I haven't gone hiking in years, but the weather is beautiful and the leaves are gorgeous. Both kids have some kind of hiking/nature walk thing on their 'champions club' goals from school and they have been wanting to hike. So I packed us a picnic lunch and we headed out. I chose Rock Canyon because it's really close to the house and I remembered it being a fairly easy hike. I won't tell you how far we hiked or how long we spent because it's embarrassingly short and my legs are sore because I'm that out of shape. But the kids had a great time and it was nice to be outside for a while. I was proud of myself for getting out and doing something fun with them.

Then in the late afternoon we drove up to Sandy to meet up with a friend of mine who generously offered to take new family pictures of me and the kids. Last December I bought the kids some cute matching outfits from Gymboree on clearance and they all looked adorable. Even better, the lighting and scenery were gorgeous and the kids actually behaved. I had been dreading this day all week and it was not a hassle at all. P. Bibby didn't feel like smiling, but she's cute no matter what she does. I even got a few nice shots of myself that I can use for times when I need a headshot.

I bribed the kids with the promise of Wendy's for dinner so we had a quick meal before heading home (I think the baby had 2 french fries and a Frosty for dinner. Oh well). When we got home we watched my episode of Jeopardy! together. I think the kids were a little bored by the show itself, but they thought seeing mom on TV was really cool.

Then later tonight a bunch of my wonderful friends came over with chocolate cake to watch my show. The other day we got the VCR hooked up to our projector so we could watch it on the big screen, and it was so much fun to watch it with my friends cheering me on.

So, today was a great day. I felt happy, the kids were happy, the sky was blue and the leaves were bright red and yellow. I hope we have more days like this one in our future.


Emma said…
That sounds like a fabulous day! I wish I could have seen the episode. I had a meeting tonight :(
I'm really happy to hear the day went well. I was hoping all day that the kids would behave at the photo session, and of course it was fun to watch you on Jeopardy (even though I'd seen it before). Cheers!

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