On the Road, Again

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to a friend that I had been to at least one funeral every year for the past five years. Most have been in the summertime, so I half-jokingly said that I've begun to wonder who's going to die this summer.

Then the other night my dad called to tell me that my uncle was killed in a car accident.

So Little Dude and I are driving up to Wyoming with my parents tomorrow morning. S-Boogie is going to stay here with her daddy and her aunties, since she doesn't need to go for another long car ride. And I'm not going to joke about annual funerals any more. Maybe next year will break my streak.


TK said…
And Master Fob's aunt died on Wednesday!
Desmama said…
So sorry to hear about these deaths.
Sarah said…
I'm so sorry. It is very strange how death seems to come in packs. Last year our very good friends had all their grandparents die of different ailments plus a parent. It was bizarre.
Tina said…
Sorry to hear about your Uncle. I think you may not be taking a road trip for quite some time. :) That is a lot of miles for Little Dude!

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