Progress Report

Yesterday Little Dude had his nine-month checkup. He now weighs nineteen pounds.That means he has gained 3 pounds in the last three months. His ears also were clear and everything about him was in perfect shape. Except for the bruises on his head which he keeps getting from things like attempting to scale the bookcases like a rock climber (that's why they're nailed to the wall) and pulling heavy objects down on his head. The doctor reminded us to childproof the house. Yeah, we're trying.

I was supposed to spend most of today writing my thesis. And I've been trying to. I'm just tired and I've been preoccupied by the hour of sleep I'm going to lose tonight, especially since we have early church. I'm also worried about the imminent arrival of next Wednesday, which is the day we're going to leave for our big trip. I want to go, but part of me keeps thinking "I'm not ready yet!". I suppose I'd better get back to writing so I can be ready. A somewhat respectable draft is coming together and I'm proud of how much I have been able to do, but I still have so much more. Why is it that for everything you learn, you realize that there are at least two or three other things that you don't really know much about?


Kengo Biddles said…
We had a coffee table that Ginta was bashing his head on three times a week for a while there, and right before church, too...we finally moved it out of the way and he stopped getting bruises... *sigh*
Lindsay said…
Found you through AmyJane's blog. I just wanted to say, though, regarding your thesis, that you can do it! My husband just finished his this weekend and submitted it to his committee this weekend. I'll be honest...these last few weeks have been agonizing for both of us, and there were moments when I thought we'd both explode before it was complete. But we survived. And you will, too. It sounds like you've made great progress and that you're almost there. So I say again: You can do it! And we're all cheering you on.
Lady Steed said…
um....I hope the email I sent doesn't stress you too much. If so,I apologize

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