Where are you?

I am supposed to be working on my thesis right now, and I'll get it to it as soon as I post a quick little something. I probably won't be posting much for the next little while, since life is kind of crazy right now. We leave on our big trip next Wednesday night and I'm still trying to get as much thesis out of my brain and onto paper as I can. It's actually been going pretty well and I'm so glad I hired a babysitter. So far Little Dude as cried every time I've dropped him off, and prying his little hands off my jacket each morning is the worst torture ever. But, he's had a great time after I leave and the babysitter's little daughter is in love with him. So I know he's OK, I just wish he'd learn to smile and say "bye" like S-Boogie does. I am also much less freaked out about writing since I've managed to produce forty pages. Yes, I have written nearly forty pages. I can hardly believe it myself. I still have the second chapter and conclusion to write, though, so I'm trying not to get too excited just yet. And then there's all the revising and stuff. Blah.

I'm also stressing out because I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row for our big trip. I've decided to stay the extra week for that class and to work some more, so we'll be gone for a while. As much as I love my friends and family, I don't like staying in other people's homes. It's not them, it's me. I'm glad to see them, I just get stressed when I'm out of my routine. I'm also a terrible overpacker because I get anxious about all the things I might possibly need. It's stressful because our car is small and the trunk can barely hold Little Dude's travel bed, let alone all the stuff I think I might need for me and two kids to stay for two weeks. We can just wear the same clothes every day, right? I just need to convince myself that that will be OK. New personal mantra: "The world will not end if I'm not prepared for every possible contingency." Whew!


Christian said…
Monster congratulations on the FORTY pages! Way to go.

Have a safe trip. I, personally, look forward to seeing you et al. while you're here.
JB said…
Wow. Fourty pages is a LOT. Especially with two little kids to take care of. Hopefully we'll get to see you for ice cream while you're down here. :)

Wow. My word verification is especially apropos:

Does Th have his own CIA now?
Earth Sign Mama said…
Yes, FORTY pages---whoooooo!!! (That's my special "Embarrassing Mother in the Bleachers" cheer.)So, that sounds like you've got a groove going. Yeah!!
Desmama said…
I am impressed but not surprised because I always knew you could do it. Way to go.
TK said…
Major congratulations on the 40 pages! It'll be *mostly* downhill from here, don't you think, relatively speaking? I'm happy for you.

Also, over-packing is something I can relate to - I know how you feel! But especially when you have children to care for, it's understandable. And yes, I like your mantra. I'm going to spend the night in Mililani and started stressing about it as soon as I decided. And it's just me for just one night! I better go practice that mantra . . .
Th. said…

I don't think I need to explain why none of us will ever hear from Jessica again.

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