Phase One Completed

We just finished the first phase of our vacation, and I was sad to see it end. Unlike Master Fob, I am decidedly not allergic to California and I love the sunshine and flowers we enjoyed. I've spent the last few days indulging in my favorite hobbies--eating and reading. Thankfully the Thteeds are readers too and understand why the first thing I do in anyone else's house is rifle through their magazines and peruse their bookshelves. I'm not really antisocial, I'm just addicted to the printed page.

When we could all tear ourselves away from our reading, we did fun things like playing a nearby park, going out for crepes, and visiting the best ice cream parlor in the world (well, at least Northern California). The crepe excursion also featured a ride on BART (S-Boogie's favorite part of the trip) and a stop at Half-Price books, where I was delighted to find a copy of Word Freak on clearance for a dollar.

S-Boogie and The Big O had a great time together, despite their many arguments ("I think it's an airplane" "Me say helicopter" "Airplane!" "Helicopter!"). Little Dude managed not to kill himself, even though he tried really hard to. And we had a fabulous time hanging out (and eating) with old friends and new.


AmyJane said…
Dang it! I just realized you guys drove right past my apartment yesterday! I missed it! We live just off the free way, last exit before you leave Reno/Sparks. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your trip!
Th. said…

Hey! Our place too!
JB said…
It was good to see you guys. I had hoped we would, but didn't think it'd happen. And then it did! :D

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