Thanksgiving Break

This year I did not cook or eat any Thanksgiving food, and I find that I mostly haven't missed any of it. Well, except for pie. Many of my friends are posting about pie on social media and I would like to eat some. Other than that, I'm not a big fan of most Thanksgiving foods that I would only eat on the holiday (turkey, stuffing), or I eat those foods at other times already (rolls, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy). This year the kids were with Mr. Fob, so my parents and I decided to eat out at a fancy restaurant. They had a Thanksgiving special with turkey, but I chose a pork chop with blackberry coulis and sweet potato puree. It was delicious. So was the chocolate creme brulee I had for dessert. 

The kids came back Thursday night, so we hung out and watched a movie. Friday we met up with my brother at the Natural History Museum and spent the afternoon together, then went out for Indian food. On the way home, I convinced my parents to stop off at Ikea so they could help me get the new bookcases I've been wanting to buy since I got my new carpet a few months ago. We spent most of Saturday putting the bookcases together. The two younger kids were really helpful in assembling them, and then my dad helped get them placed nicely and bolted to the wall. Like all the other home improvement projects I've done lately, I have wondered why I didn't do this sooner since they look wonderful. Of course the answer is time, money, and other resources. I'm glad my house is now feeling a lot cozier than it used to. 

I didn't think about work at all over the weekend, and while there were some stressful moments, it was mostly a nice break. I got great sleep on Wednesday night, but then my brain decided to freak out and I've had trouble ever since then. I spent two hours randomly awake on Friday night, which made Saturday a bit tough to get through. Hopefully this week I can get back on track since we are gearing up for Christmas. Only four weeks to go!


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