It's Almost May!

And that means it's almost my birthday! I suddenly realized this the other day; I think I'm getting to the point where I spend more time planning my kids' birthdays than my own. Little Dude's birthday is at the end of May and he's already talking about it all the time. If I could have anything I wanted for my birthday I'd go on a trip to Hawaii, but I'm afraid that's out this year (we're hoping for next year--it's been too long since the last time). As far as big-ticket items go I'd love a new sewing machine or a wheat grinder. I could also use cash for some new underwear or other clothes. I think I'm getting boring in the gifts department. Another thing I'm thinking about is attending this writing retreat. I'd probably have to bring either my breast pump or my baby, but I'd love to go. The truth is, I know my family will throw me a nice little party with chocolate cake, and that's all I really need to be happy.


Cash for new underwear? Yeah, that might be the most boring gift ever. Unless, of course, you are headed to Victoria's Secret . . . ;)
Kristeee said…
You should check out They have some good prices for flights to Hawaii...

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