The Letters S & T

It's been a long time since we did these countries so hopefully I can remember everything!

South Africa: We read books about the country; the kids especially liked
this one and this one. For dinner we had bobotie and geelrys; they were a big hit with everyone

Spain: Mr. Fob and I both served missions in Spain so we already know quite a bit about the country. I supplemented the books we read with some stories and information that I already knew about the country. We had a simple dinner of
tortilla espanola with a salad and bread and we had rice pudding for dessert.

Sweden: We found some great books for this country, including
this one and this one. For dinner we had meatballs (of course) with potatoes and lingonberries. They were delicious.

Switzerland: The kids thought Switzerland sounded like a fascinating place, especially the fact that people speak so many languages. I bought some fancy cheese to make authentic fondue for dinner, and sadly they thought it was too strong and didn't like it. They were much bigger fans of the chocolate fondue we had for a treat. I thought about watching a movie version of Heidi, but the ones I found were too long for my kids' taste so we settled for a
picture book version instead.

Tahiti: I had a really hard time finding any picture books about Tahiti or any of the Pacific Islands. I thought that was kind of weird. We did borrow a CD of Tahitian music from my sister-in-law and the kids really liked it. They also liked the
coconut shrimp we had with rice for dinner.

Thailand: The kids were particularly interested in Thailand because they have an uncle from there; we had my niece with us for a sleepover so I guess this was one of the few times we actually had someone authentic "from" a particular country to share our dinner. This was also the week I felt burned out and decided to get Thai takeout from the restaurant down the street. It was delicious. For some cute books about Thailand you can read
this one or this one.

Turkey: This was another country that was fascinating to the kids; they liked the fact that it is on two continents. S-Boogie also really liked the story of The Hungry Coat and had me read it with her several times. I felt like cooking this week so we had kofte, potato salad, cucumber-tomato salad, and homemade pita bread. The adults thought it was a great meal, but the kids were not as impressed.


brinestone said…
I don't know if I ever told you that you inspired me to do this too. I did different countries in a different order, but we did end up with some of the same. I thought it was funny that you guys liked bobotie because it stands out as the most-hated meal that I made for a country. Not one of us liked it. Hahaha. We also did meatballs for Sweden and liked them but didn't have lingonberries. Where did you get them?

Also, I've got a couple of great weeknight Thai recipes that I can share if you're interested, not for this, but just because Thai food is delicious.
I absolutely love this idea and will do it when my kids are big enough to understand!!!
FoxyJ said…
Brinestone, I bought lingonberry preserves at Ikea in their food mart. I used to cook Thai food more often but I haven't made it for a while and so I just didn't have any ingredients on hand.
I just dropped by to say hello after I saw your comment on Segullah today. I could totally relate to what you said.

Also, I served my mission in Argentina, but I lived in Madrid for 3 summers, and I LOVE Spain!

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