The End of the Alphabet

We finally finished our geography project! Things didn't always go was well as I had thought they would and the kids didn't respond quite like I had hoped either, but generally it was a lot of fun. They are a lot more aware of other countries and foods and notice when they are talked about in books or on movies. Little Dude still loves the flags too. Now they want to do the 50 states, so watch for that in a few weeks!

United Kingdom: We mostly focused on England and Wales for this week, since we had done Ireland and Scotland separately. As I was looking back over my posts, I don't think I ever listed Scotland. When we did Scotland we ate Scotch Broth and oatcakes for dinner. They were both delicious. We also read this fun book about a sheep and shortbread cookies for a treat. When we talked about England we ate roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and gravy. The kids loved it and so did I; I've never had it before and we will definitely be eating it again. We talked about how some of our favorite books, like Peter Rabbit, come from England.

Venezuela: We colored the flag and read some books about the country. The library didn't have any picture books about Venezuela, unfortunately. I tried making arepas with beans and cheese, but didn't have the right type of special cornmeal so they were not as good as the arepas I've had before. I need to get some and try again.

Vietnam: The library has a lot of books about Vietnam, but they mostly focus on the war. We've talked about war with the kids, but they're still kind of little to really understand so I haven't liked to focus too much on the more brutal parts of history when we've been doing our countries. I did get this book, which I think is a great one that touches on the subject, and this one which is just a nice picture book. We ate some really yummy sandwiches that I made with roasted pork loin.

Zimbabwe: Little Dude thinks that Zimbabwe has the best flag, and I agree. The kids also really liked the picture books I found: this one and this one. For dinner we ate a chicken stew that I found a recipe for in a library cookbook (it had chicken, spinach, tomatoes, and peanut butter in it) along with cornmeal and baked squash. We liked the food but the kids didn't.


Berkeley Ward said…

So cool. I think the States might be more manageable for us. We may copy you yet.
thmazing said…

Shoot. That was me.
Earth Sign Mama said…
And there is a whole series of books about the states in which they go through the alphabet, with excellent illustrations and fun facts. I have N is for Nevada and B is for Blue Crab, A Maryland Alphabet. And I've also got C is for Cowboy, A Wyoming Alphabet and "D.C." A Capital Alphabet. They are such fun books, crammed full of interesting things.
Desmama said…
I just ate arepas the other day in a Venezuelan restaurant in Falls Church, VA. They were really good; you could order them stuffed with different things, so I had pulled meat and cheese, which was delicious. I'd never heard of them before, but I'm glad to be aware of them now!
Evelyn Theresa said…
This was such a brilliant idea. It'll be fun to see what foods you come up with for each state.

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