50 States: The Letter A

After finishing up our geography project with countries, the kids really wanted to talk about the 50 states. I wasn't sure it would be interesting, but we've actually found a lot of fun things to talk about for each state.

Alabama: I discovered that Crayola has really fun coloring pages for each state, so we colored the flag and talked about some of the state symbols. We read a book about Helen Keller, a book about Space Camp, a book about the bus boycott, and a few books with general facts about the state. For dinner we had barbecued pork chops, southern corn bread (in a skillet!), and collard greens.

Alaska: The library had many interesting books about Alaska. We read about sled dogs, landmarks, school children, seasons, Inuit culture, and the history of the state. We colored the flag and ate a dinner of baked salmon, rice, and blueberries. The kids loved eating the dinner and told me they were Alaskan bears eating salmon and berries to get ready for the winter.

Arizona: We also found many fun books for Arizona: Tuesday in Arizona, Cactus Hotel, Mule Train Mail, Big Moon Tortilla, and Manana Iguana. I checked out some informational books about the state and about the Hopi and Navajo Indians as well. After coloring the flag we ate Navajo tacos for dinner.

Arkansas: I had a harder time finding books about this state. We just read a few informational books about it and then we found one story that was set in the Ozark mountains. After we colored the flag we had biscuits with sausage gravy and grits for dinner. The kids really liked grits.


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