50 States: The Next Four

We actually did all these states a while ago but for some reason I didn't actually publish the post. Oops.

We learned some interesting facts about this state and read about Native Americans and food webs. For dinner we had some really tasty chicken and dumplings.

Florida: There are a lot of fun and interesting books about Florida, especially the wildlife there. We read about manatees, the Keys, and the Everglades (I didn't know it was technically a river). For dinner we had orange-glazed shrimp with black beans and rice. We also watched the movie Flipper and ate some key-lime cake for dessert.

We learned that P is for Peach (and many other facts) and colored the flag. The kids really liked this book about the Okeefenokee Swamp and we read it a number of times. For dinner I decided to have a somewhat eclectic Southern-style meal, so we had hoppin' john, roasted sweet potatoes, biscuits, coleslaw, and peaches (of course).

We talked about Hawaii a few days before we left on vacation. We have a number of books from Hawaii already at our house but I checked out a few more from the library. I particularly liked Hula Lullaby, but the kids preferred this one because the story was in Hawaiian and English. I also checked out this book for S-Boogie to read and I liked that she asked a lot of questions about it while we were in Hawaii. It was a good introduction to Hawaiian history for her. For dinner we had pork katsu with rice and macaroni salad on the side, as well as some fried spring rolls and cut up mango.


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