Maintaining my nerd credentials

We had this conversation a little while ago:

FoxyJ: "I can't believe they're going to build a temple in the Congo. That is just amazing. You know, I still have a hard time calling it 'Congo' because I'm used to it being Zaire. Except it hasn't been Zaire for about 15 years. I guess I'm a nerd because I still remember the old name."

Mr. Fob: "Actually, what's really nerdy is the fact that you were in high school when it switched names. How many high schoolers actually know where Zaire is, let alone pay attention to what it is called?"


Chillygator said…
I read The Hot Zone in elementary school and Congo/Zaire is about the only place I COULD locate in Africa (slight exaggeration, but not by much -- that book traumatized me).
Vanessa Swenson said…
I very much heart this post.

Also, the captcha is "hielo." Captcha knows you speak Spanish.
skyeJ said…
You can thank Ms. Dibble for that one, right? And to some extent Edgar Reyes? Or maybe not him as much. Geo-Bowllll!!!!!!!

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