This Week's Random Brain Dump

This week was nice because the kids went back to school but I didn't have to start teaching yet. It felt good to have a little break and relax a little. I rented the first season of the TV show The Closer from the library and spent a lot of my free time this week watching it. I also cooked a lot, including homemade bread and enchilada sauce from scratch.

I start teaching again tomorrow and I'm not really looking forward to it. I only ended up with one class this semester--which is partly the department's fault for not reading my request form correctly and partly mine for not having a more flexible schedule. I think it feels particularly onerous because it is a class that meets three times a week for fifty minutes. So three mornings a week I get to get up, drive to campus, teach for an hour, and drive home. However, I did the financial calculations and I just can't do without the money right now. At least I only live about 10 minutes from campus; if I lived farther away it wouldn't be worth it.

Last week I applied for two positions at another library that I would really like to have, but I have not heard anything back and I'm not holding my breath for an interview. I still feel like it is best to just wait for a good job opportunity rather than applying for anything possible, because I'm doing all right financially, I'm home a lot during the day time when the kids are, and I really love my part-time job. I just feel impatient because I want to figure out how the rest of my life will go (as if getting a full-time job is really a guarantee of that).

Today I had the opportunity to be with Mr. Fob's family when his sister's husband blessed their baby. I briefly debated going, but we all still love each other and they still consider me family (and I feel the same way about them). As we were sitting in the chapel I realized that just three years ago none of us there had any idea that this event would be taking place in the future. She was a single mom for quite a while before she got remarried, and then had to wait through a lot of heartache for this precious baby. While we were at her house afterwards I sat and talked with her for a while and it was such a blessing to me. I'm glad that I have such good people in my life.

I am writing this post much too late in the day and I really should publish it and get to bed. We switched to morning church, so now I have to be up and ready to go somewhere nearly every morning of the week. This next month is the time for me to get serious about my goal of going to bed on time. Too much random internetting is destroying my sanity


Katya said…
I hear you on the not knowing exactly how the rest of your life is going to play out. Hopefully things start moving in a good direction for both of us.
Earth Sign Mama said…
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Earth Sign Mama said…
No one knows exactly how the rest of our life is going to play out. Wouldn't be nice if we could? Or not nice, maybe. All we can do is manage our inner selves. Then when the inevitable random stuff happens, good or bad, we're able to cope, thrive and survive.

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