A Good Day

Today was a good day. I woke up on time, got the kids up on time, made them eggs and toast for breakfast, and even had time for scripture study before we left for work and school. I left work a bit early so I could go with Little Dude to his music class. He is going to a class called "Let's Play Music" that my neighbor does. They learn music theory through play, and they have a parent come with them every other week. I will take a bit of time off work to go with Little Dude once a month. It was fun--he was a bit squirrely and likes to do things backwards on purpose, but he knew all the right answers to the questions faster than most kids in class. We got done with his class in time for me to come home and make a decent dinner and do some cleaning and other chores. I even cleaned the bathroom tonight while Little Dude and P.Bibby were in the tub. Now the kids are all in bed and I'm baking chocolate chip cookies.


A small part of me feels a bit of guilt about having such a good day. Especially since even my 'bad' days are mostly just petty annoyances and nothing horrible. Several of my friends are going through really terrible things right now and my heart aches sometimes with the helplessness I feel in the face of their pain.


On a lighter note, I spent last week watching the second season of Downton Abbey on DVD and I really can't wait for the third season. I've watched the trailer at least ten times, partly because I like the music and partly because it goes so fast that I have a hard time figuring out who everyone is and what is going on. I can't believe Lady Edith might get together with the really old guy. I actually kind of like her and feel bad that she's kind of seen as the lame sister compared to the other two.


I'm also trying to decide whether watching a Harry Potter movie is a Sunday activity I'm comfortable with or not. We're almost done with the second book and the kids really want to watch the movie, but they are going to be at their dad's house on Friday and Saturday nights. I need to think about it a bit more.


And, finally, I'm excited for autumn to finally get here. The air has been crisp and cool in the mornings and evenings. Some of the trees on the mountains are orange and I know it won't be long before the aspens turn yellow. It's still a bit hot during the day but I can feel autumn right around the corner. It's my favorite season and I'm particularly excited because it feels like this summer has been immensely long.


AmyJane said…
Um, that guilt over a good day? Stop that. Seriously. You've been through plenty of crummy times too.....soak up those great days! (I have to give myself this lecture often, can you tell?)
brinestone said…
The music on the Downton Abbey trailer (yeah, I went squee over it too!) is Scala and the Kolacny Brothers, a Belgian women's choir that mostly does covers of popular American songs, if YouTube is to be believed. Their cover of Radiohead's "Creep" is sensational. I don't know what the particular song in the trailer is, though. Apparently they used "Every Breath You Take" by the Police for their season 1 trailer and "With or Without You" by U2 for their season 2 trailer, but wikipedia hasn't been updated with the new trailer's song.

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