A Bad Case of the Tomorrows

OK, folks, I've got a bad case of the tomorrows. Every day I think "tomorrow I will eat better" or "tomorrow I will start exercising" or "tomorrow I'll clean out the closets" or "tomorrow I'll write in my journal" or "tomorrow I'll teach the kids how to cook and create a chore chart" or "tomorrow I'll write a decent blog post." I have yet to figure out when tomorrow is coming, because it hasn't happened yet. Anyone got good ideas for getting out of a procrastination rut?


Hirsche Family said…
This happens to me ALL the time. I find the most effective way to deal with it is to just pick one thing and forget about the rest. Focus on getting that one thing done and it will feel great to get it accomplished. Then you can pick one more thing to do next. I always get overwhelmed when I think of everything that needs done. Good luck!
The Weed said…
I'm constantly fighting this battle. (An email response to you is on my list of procrastinated things, btw!) I find that when I set goals of 15 minutes of various things, I tend to get a lot done. So I'll write for 15 then email for 15 then scripture read for 15 then go on a walk for 15, etc. That way, I can knock out a bunch of stuff in an hour or two and it doesn't take too long, and over time the efforts really add up. (Kind of the opposite of what the above commenter said, so maybe it's a personality thing.)
rantipoler said…
Ugh. When you find the answer, let me know!

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