Stuff for Saturday

1. I picked up Tiger from the vet early Monday morning. She was definitely a lot happier and friskier than she had been the previous week. Because she was still recovering and had to eat special soft food for a few days, I shut her in the guest bedroom (with food, water and an extra litterbox) until Thursday. She wasn't very happy about that and complained a lot every time I checked on her, but she is now doing much better. I didn't realize how much her behavior changed last week until now that she is eating well again because the contrast is so great.

2. I am excited for it to finally be August. The kids go back to school in about two weeks; I think we have had a fun summer but are all ready to go back to our usual routines. That being said, August is going to be kind of stressful. S-Boogie is getting her tonsils and adenoids removed next Friday. She has had sleep apnea for a number of years and often complains of having a sore throat in the morning. We've considered having the procedure done for a number of years and it just seems to be the right to do it. I'm nervous about the surgery but know that it generally goes well and hope she will recover quickly.

3. I am also feeling a bit stressed out because I am starting school too. My online graduate program in library science just started this week. I have a one-credit technology seminar that I have to complete by mid-September, and then my first full class begins in three weeks. It's really disorienting trying to get back in a school mindset (it's been four years) and adjust to an online format.

4. This weekend we had our annual staff retreat for Segullah; it was so nice to spend time with such good, wise friends. I realized how much I need to take more time to build connections and friendships with other people--it can be a challenge to find the time, but I need it more in my life.

5. And, finally, this is one of my favorite new songs (yes, the video is a little creepy and weird). I'll probably get sick of it in a few weeks but right now I love to turn it up and sing along. I also like this one a lot. I know "Blurred Lines" is the hot new song, but I think it's creepy and I can't stand the beat at all.


Earth Sign Mama said…
Wake Me Santa Paula, huh?I sish I still lived there. I mean Ventura County.

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