An Auspicious Beginning

The first week of February went surprisingly well. The weather has been cold and either snowy or rainy, which I actually like since it clears out the air and makes winter a little more normal. Last Saturday night I took S-Boogie to see the ballet Swan Lake on campus; I've never gone to a ballet other than The Nutcracker so it was an interesting, new experience. I really liked enjoyed the performance a lot, though S-Boogie was a bit tired by the end and wasn't sure if she had fun or not.

Monday was P. Bibby's birthday--I feel like the last four years have flown by, despite the fact that life is so different from how I imagined it would be back then. We started celebrating on Sunday with a family party that evening. I also invited the kids' summertime nanny since she is one of P. Bibby's favorite people. The party went well and she got a lot of great presents that she's been playing with all week. My attempt at making homemade pizza for dinner was an unfortunate flop since I haven't done it for a while. Thankfully the pink kitty cake I made was a big hit and actually pretty tasty too. When I dropped her off at her babysitter's house on Monday I felt a little bad that I wasn't spending her birthday with her, but they went to the dinosaur museum that day and P. Bibby's little friend gave her a new coloring book and crayons that she's been using all week. I think she had a great birthday and still feel a bit of shock that my youngest child is now four years old. I'm rapidly moving out of the 'little kid' phase of life; in eighteen months I'm going to have a child in Young Women at church!

My other big accomplishment this past week was exercising four different times. That's the most days in one week that I've ever worked out. First, I set a goal to try and exercise every day, knowing that it wasn't going to happen. I also 'splurged' and bought myself a few new songs for my exercise playlist so I had that to look forward to. Monday night and Tuesday night I rode the exercise bike; Wednesday I was a little sore, the kids went to bed late, and my mom called, so I skipped working out. Then I rode again on Thursday night and Saturday morning. This week is a little more busy so I'm not sure how things will go. Tomorrow night and Tuesday night I have friends in town promoting books and I'd like to go to both events. Friday is Valentine's Day and I'm not sure what the kids still need to do to get ready for that. Then I have the kids on Saturday so that makes things more busy too. I still have a goal to try and exercise as many days as I can; we'll see what happens.

School is going along fine. I've passed the beginning of the semester panic phase where I don't feel like I know what's going on and now I'm just in the overwhelmed phase where I don't want to think about everything I need to do. This semester I've also realized that I absolutely have to practice the strategy of doing a little bit each day. Both classes I'm taking have fairly heavy loads of reading as well as one hour of recorded lecture to watch per week. That's just the regular stuff and doesn't include extra assignments and projects. There is no way I could get everything done in one or two nights of work or even a Saturday. I try to log on each night and do a little bit of something--watch a lecture or part of one at least, read an article, respond to a discussion posting. Hopefully I will get through the semester with decent grades and my sanity. Blogging will probably mostly be on Sundays since I don't do school on those days.

And, finally, today was another lovely Sunday at home with the kids. We finally finished the 1,000 piece puzzle we started several weeks ago. We also had a family home evening about loving other people and made a valentine wreath where we wrote things on hearts that we loved about everyone in our family. For our treat tonight we tried these little cheesecakes and they were super tasty--the kids all devoured theirs. (I cut the recipe in half and it still made enough for six custard cups full). I hope that Sunday continues to be a day of rest for all of us because the weeks are just crazy, crazy, crazy.


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