Goodbye to April

Only three more days are left in April, which means that it's less than a week until my birthday and only a month until Little Dude's. Even more importantly, the kids only have 5 weeks of school left before summer break. Unfortunately our favorite babysitter from the last two summers won't be available because she has an internship she has to complete, so I've to start looking for someone new. I've only got about 2 weeks of school left and am happily looking forward to a little break. I am taking a class over the summer but it doesn't start until June 1st. April and May always end up being such a busy time; it seems like all the programs and recitals and things end up happening during these months. I'm just looking forward to summer vacation so I don't have to drag everyone out of bed and hustle them all out the door every morning. 

Tonight as Little Dude was going to bed, he told me "I'm tired of parties". I don't blame him--he's definitely an introvert, and during the last week he's been to three big family dinners. There's been a lot going on. This Friday is my birthday, but I'm spending the day at the state library association conference and then the evening at a ward movie night. I guess if I want to celebrate, I need to plan another birthday getaway for next year. 

The other big thing that happened recently was that I got an iPhone. For years I've resisted getting a smartphone for many reasons. My basic phone recently developed issues with sending and receiving texts and I've got some traveling coming up, so I thought it seemed like a good time to take the plunge. I've had the phone since Monday, and honestly I haven't done a lot with it. I downloaded Facebook so I've used it to send messages and to check on some Facebook stuff and email at various times. I've taken a few pictures and posted them to Facebook, and it was a lot easier and more fun than my previous process (I just need to figure out how to hold the phone steady so they aren't blurry--it's such an awkward object). I imagine that over time I will find new things to use my phone for; I actually like texting and typing with the touch screen more than I thought I would. 

During the last two weeks I attended some training offered through the university's Human Resources department. I'll probably write more about it in a different post devoted to my new goal that I set (yes, I know I'm good at setting goals and bad at following through). It was a lot of fun and I'm excited about making some changes in my life and in what I do at work. 

The weather here has, of course, been crazy. Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous with warm, clear weather. Then yesterday we spent all day getting pounded by cold rain and there is fresh snow on the mountains. Many of my neighbors have started to work on their yards but I really haven't. The lawn has been a struggle for the last four years that I've lived here; it's still mostly weeds and very patchy grass. I have some extra money this year from my tax return so I think I'm going to sign up for some professional help. It feels weird to me--I've never thought of myself as the sort of person who spends money on lawn care and am not sure about putting a lot of chemicals on the lawn. However, I got an estimate from a well-reviewed company the other day and the price was lower than I expected. I think I'm going to go for it; hopefully one season of intensive care will get my lawn back to being something nice to look at and nice to walk on. 

Well, life goes on and hopefully we'll have a good time in May, crazy recitals/programs/birthdays/parties and all. Right now I've got two big canker sores in my mouth that have been bothering me for a few days so I'll just be happy to be able to eat again. That's setting my expectations low enough, right?


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