First Week of February

This has been a busy, but fun, week for me and the kids. On Tuesday we celebrated P. Bibby's birthday--she is a whopping 5 years old now. A fully potty trained, sitting in a booster in the car, going to preschool, big kid. She has always had a fairly mellow, sweet personality and that is still holding true at five. She has her moments of frustration, especially with 2 older siblings who often like to remind her of their wisdom and power, but generally is a happy kid. P. Bibby loves to color and to read books, and she loves her preschool/daycare and all her little friends there. We celebrated with a party the Saturday before her birthday at an indoor play area that has a bunch of giant inflatable slides and bounce houses. Some of her friends from church and school came as well as her cousins. She had a great time with all her friends and I'm so glad I paid the money to let some other place do the entertainment and clean-up for the party. I actually didn't get to see her on her birthday until that evening since the kids slept over at their dad's house on Monday night. They went to McDonalds for breakfast, then she went to school, and then when I got home we had pizza, chocolate milk, and strawberries for her birthday dinner. 

Mr. Fob was out of town on Wednesday and Thursday, which affects me because he usually handles the after school circus with the kids. My Wednesday ended up being very busy. First thing in the morning I took P. Bibby to the doctor for her annual check-up and kindergarten shots. She did a great job, even with painful shots, and is growing nicely. Then I dropped her at her preschool and went to work for a while before leaving early to get home for after school. Normally Little Dude and S-Boogie would have had piano, but their teacher was sick and had to reschedule. We still had Knowledge Bowl practice for him and Activity Days for her, and then we ran over to the school for parent-teacher conferences (both kids are awesome and their teachers love them), then home for quick dinner, then to drop P. Bibby off at her music class, then a trip to Target during the music class, then picking up P. Bibby again before we came home to rush off to bed. And then I did my homework. I conquered Wednesday!

Thursday wasn't too eventful other than some meetings at work to discuss in more detail the changes in my department. I'm getting some different responsibilities and we're moving office space around--but I did successfully lobby to retain my desk next to the large south-facing windows. I didn't have the kids this weekend so I used Friday and Saturday to catch up on homework and to get some things done around the house. I ran a few errands, including picking up some fun Valentine decorations for this coming Saturday and ingredients to make fun food like heart-shaped jello and heart-shaped calzones. I'm looking forward to having a fun weekend with the kids.

The other big thing happened today at church. For two years I've been serving as the secretary in the Primary, and today the presidency was released. It was a bittersweet feeling and I honestly hadn't been feeling good about the change until today. I loved being the secretary and finally felt like I was good at it, and I liked the ladies I was working with in the presidency. But then today I was released and called as the Primary pianist, which is a pretty awesome calling, and I really felt that the change was all right and that everything was going to be OK. The older kids are singing in sacrament meeting next week so I get to jump into my calling right away.

I survived the first week of February and it was generally good. I didn't get any exercise and I didn't get to bed on time most nights, but I'm trying my best. Tonight we had a lovely evening together as a family; we all enjoyed split pea soup and homemade rolls before we had Family Home Evening. I love it when we have a nice Sunday evening because it feels like we are getting ready to have great week.


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