Reading Goals for 2017

I've never set specific reading goals before, but I feel like last year I didn't read as many of the books I wanted to, and I read too many books that were fun but not satisfying. I also tend to read too many similar books and want to branch out and challenge myself a bit. I've seen a few reading challenges around on the internet, but would rather create my own. Here are some of the goals I have in mind:

At least three books in Spanish

Five books in translation from other languages

Three Mormon nonfiction books
Two books of poetry

One nonfiction book every month

Read all the Whitney finalists in the adult categories

I don't think I'll set any goals in relation to movies, other than to watch more of them. Also, in the past I haven't blogged about movies I watch with the kids, but I'm going to change that and start listing them. When they were younger and I was at home, we watched and re-watched a lot of shows, but now that they're older we don't do that anymore. We do have movie nights or go to see things in the theater, so I might as well include those in my reviews. 


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