Happiness for $2.99

I have always been a little hesitant to use air fresheners. Sometimes it can be a nice touch in a bathroom, but sometimes instead of covering up the smell you end up with a bad mix of flowers and poop. But when S-Boogie was tiny and I was looking for a nightlight for her room, I happened upon the fabulous Glade Plug-Ins with nightlight. I plugged it in next to the diaper pail and voila--happy smell and pleasant nightlight in one handy package. At some point over the last few years the air freshener migrated to the bathroom and sometimes I manage to remember to get refills for it. The other day in Target I noticed Glade's new "holiday" fragrances and decided I liked the smell of the "Glistening Snow" candle. I bought some refills, came home and plugged them in. Later that day I walked by the bathroom and stopped short. It smelled wonderful! The package states that this particular scent combines the aroma of "fresh-cut wood and warm holiday spices". It sure does. I'm a sucker for anything spicy; I love gingerbread, apple crisp, and that new Yoplait yogurt that has peaches and nutmeg. And now every time I walk by my bathroom I feel happy again. Mmm, spicy...


Anonymous said…
When I was prego with TinyDes, I put a bunch of Glade air fresheners in our house in TX when we put it up for sale. The day after I put them in, I ripped them all out--the smell of them in my pregnant nostrils was more than I could take. It kind of makes me sad now, because that scent is ruined for me. I'll know to be more careful in the future.

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