Happy Thanksgiving

Although I was feeling a bit sad about being far from family, we ended up having a very enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday this year. Master Fob had all day Wednesday off as well as Thursday, so we spent Wednesday cleaning our house, baking pie, and enjoying our new DVD set of Season Eight of the Simpsons ("Bart! Where did you get that shirt?" "I dunno, it just came out of the closet.") Yesterday we cooked up a Thanksgiving feast. Well, the plan was for Master Fob to help, but these days any two person job really means that one of the people will be in charge of supervising the children. So cooking by myself was actually a break from what I usually do all day. I felt kind of silly cooking all that food for just our little family, but it was fun and everything turned out tasty. We had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, marshmallow sweet potatoes, sauteed green beans, strawberry jello, rolls, and pumpkin pie. I did take a few shortcuts--the stuffing was Stove Top (I added cranberries, celery, and onion) and the rolls were frozen, not from scratch. We just bought a turkey breast rather than an entire bird, but we still have lots of leftovers. After eating dinner about 2 yesterday, we cleaned up while S-Boogie watched Dora (a show I'm beginning to hate with a passion). Then at 4 we decided that she should at least take a break in her room. I didn't expect her to nap. Well, then I went in my room to lie down with a book, and woke up a little after 6. The house was dark and everyone else was asleep too. I think that 2 hour nap was the best part of Thanksgiving for me. We couldn't wake S-Boogie up until nearly 7, so her bedtime got really out of whack last night. We ate waffles for dinner and then took a little walk outside. It was freezing cold, but we enjoyed the empty shopping center and the pretty Christmas lights on all the trees in the parking lot. Then we came home, ate pumpkin pie and headed to bed. Oh, and S-Boogie only had one accident during the entire day. I hope our Christmas is just as much fun (although I don't think I'm going to cook that much food).


Anonymous said…
I love the turkey breast idea a lot. And I hate that show more now than ever. It's too bad it is so entertaining to Savvy. She gets so sad when I take the movies back to the library after only a partial viewing.
Anonymous said…
As my sister's boyfriend's sister says:

"Don't listen to Dora. She's an idiot."

Dora is a George Carlin 4-letter word in our house.

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