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This is a post copied from Jana, originally from The Simple Woman

I am wearing brown capri pants and a light blue shirt.

I am reading (actually rereading) the Hearts of the Children series from Dean Hughes. Trying to get in a bit more "fluff reading" before school starts and I have to read Shakespeare and critical theory. Not that I don't like that, but I like to give my brain a break sometimes too.

I am hearing noise from the workers renovating the apartment next door. I wish they were bringing me a new stove. Sigh. Also I can hear little noises from a waking up two-year-old, so I'm probably going to have to cut this short and continue tonight.

Learning all the time about how to parent with patience and compassion. I'm still not very good at it.

I am thankful for a caring husband who supports me in all I do.

I am hoping that my funding issues will all be resolved by Thursday when fees are due, so I won't have to come up with cash of my own. And I'm hoping that I'll have a little left from loans to revive my bank account.

From the kitchen tonight came leftovers. Yesterday I made homemade pizza for dinner and chocolate swirl cookies for FHE treat, so today I needed a break.

Bringing beauty to my home by cleaning the floor today. That's about it. I've never been very creative or into decorating, but I have some aspirations to try to make things a little more comfortable and homelike. I dream of getting a piano so I can add the beauty of music to our home.

Around the house S-Boogie has taped drawings of her "bird donkey" creature to each of our doors. I'm not sure why. She also made a number of paper airplanes tonight.

Outside my window it's now dark and a cold breeze is coming in. The days still get warm but the nights are cold. I love sleeping with the window open and feeling a cool breeze on my face while the rest of me is snuggled into the covers.

I am thinking about when would be good timing to have another baby. We both feel the pull to have another child, but I don't feel emotionally ready. And there's really not a good time with school. This is something we'll be thinking about a lot more during the next year or so.

One of my favorite things is eating chocolate and watching Jeopardy!, which is what I'm going to do right after I finish writing this.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Not much, honestly. S-Boogie has a gymnastics class on Friday morning; I'm planning on cooking broccoli cheese casserole tomorrow and then red beans the next day. We'll go the farmer's market on Saturday morning. Tomorrow night is movie night with the kids and we're going to try My Neighbor Totoro since none of us have seen it before.


two forks said…
i love dean hughes! i took two english classes from him.

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