Loose Ends

I've been meaning to write a post about how difficult the transition to graduate school has been and about how I mostly feel swamped, but I don't have time.

S-Boogie lost her first tooth the other day. It was earlier than I had expected, but thankfully it was quick and painless. I put pictures on the kids' blog.

S-Boogie is also adjusting well to her new morning kindergarten class at the Spanish Immersion school. It's been a little hard getting her out the door in the morning, but we're all doing OK.

Despite the fact that October is nearly over, Mr. Fob's paycheck is still in limbo (yes it's been a few weeks). We have determined that we did nothing wrong, but no one has yet been able to figure out why the bank cannot cash the check. Thankfully we actually put most of our expenses on our credit card and pay it off every month, but unfortunately most of our large, credit-ruining expenses like our rent and car payment need to come out of the bank account. We are fairly confident that at some point most of the fees will be erased because this looks like bank error, but it's still very frustrating.

Last but not least, my mom is going to be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire this week. She'll be on Wednesday and Thursday; the show usually airs in the afternoon in most areas, you can check this website for your station and time.


Julie said…
I'm going to set my DVR to record it right now!
Desmama said…
I feel for you on the bank's error. I can't believe it's gone on for several weeks now! I hope they resolve it quickly--and perhaps compensate you as well! It couldn't hurt to ask.
Earth Sign Mama said…
And don't forget who else is going to be on with me! The best Phone-A-Firend ever....Foxy!
Kristeee said…
I love how Meredith Viera was so complimentary in saying, "oh, you're a smart one!" as your mom got the 2nd or 3rd question right. :) I hope she does a recap of her experience and how nice everyone is.
brinestone said…
I watched it. I must say, your supporting role was impressive. :) Your mom seemed smart and kind, a great combination.
TK said…
I watched your Mom (and listened to you). You both did great. I admired her 'stage presence' as well as her answers. And I'm happy for her that she took home so much money! Even if the government takes a share, that's still great she won so much!!!

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