No Tricks, Just Treats

After nearly three days of Halloween fun I must say that I am ready to move on to a new month and a new holiday. It's a good thing we have a few weeks to decide what to cook for Thanksgiving. Turkey or no turkey? Or maybe we'll just skip the big dinner this year. Anyways, I am actually impressed with how well this year's Halloween went. The kids' costumes were simple and yet impressive. S-Boogie wanted to be a black cat, so she wore a black turtleneck and black tights (with black bike shorts over them to hide the panties). We got her some cat ears and a tail, and all we needed was a bit of face paint for whiskers. It was a hit and she loved her costume. Little Dude was a bat, in black sweat pants and black shirt. His wings are actually a large black napkin that Mr. Fob found at the store the other day. He cut a hole in it for Little Dude's head, cut the bottom edge in a bat-like scallop, and then we pinned the corners to the ends of Little Dude's sleeves. He loved being a bat and ran around flapping his "wings". We had a ward "Trunk or Treat" on Wednesday night and the kids had a great time. Then S-Boogie got to wear her costume to her dance class yesterday afternoon (and Little Dude wore his in solidarity). This afternoon they dressed up and we went to a fun Halloween party at the Family Housing complex next door. It was awesome; they had crafts and games, healthy snacks, and even a visit from the university marching band. The band members were all wearing costumes and they put on a really fun show for the kids with all kinds of twirling instruments and fancy footwork. Then tonight we went trick or treating and got more candy. It was a fun Halloween for both kids, and my only regret is buying the five-pound bag of candy bars at Costco. We only got two trick-or-treaters, so I think we're going to be eating that candy for the next six months or so. The pancakes are from this morning. S-Boogie didn't have school, so I figured it would be fun to take the time to actually cook breakfast. I used food coloring to make them orange, but I was really wishing they were pumpkin pancakes instead. I don't know when we'll have pumpkin pancakes next, because Costco disappointed me this afternoon by not having cans of pumpkin like they usually do this time of year. They've also stopped selling five-pound bags of brown sugar and frozen juice concentrate, so I'm beginning to get a little frustrated with them. At least they still have tasty muffins and cheap cereal, so I guess I'll keep shopping there. Maybe this is the impetus I need to cook my own pumpkins from the farmer's market. As if I had time for that.


Earth Sign Mama said…
NO, the cans of pumpkin. Cooking out your own pumpkin rates right up there with using the soy beans your friend gave you to make your own tofu. "How hard can it be?" ummm...really, really hard. And you have to throw away the pan afterward because you'll never ever be able to scrub out the bean/milk. Plus, the kind of pumpkins they use to can are not the kind that they use for jacks. Some things are just better left for the giant food conglomerate where they've invested a lot of time and money in the machines and processes. But, definitely grow your own tomatoes.
Angie said…
Why the back view? We want to see their cute faces!
Sounds like you guys had fun! The pumpkin pancakes was a really cute idea.
Gina said…
I want to second earth sign mama. Try making your own pumpkin puree once if you must, but it will probably make you swear.
Em said…
I have a hard time believing that you'll skip the big dinner. :-)

The kids' costumes look great....I'm impressed that with your new grad-school-ness you found time. We didn't, and we only have one!
bawb said…
Yeah, we got *no* trick-or-treaters. (It did rain here, in their defense.) Good thing I like Almond Joy.
kadusey said…
I thought making pumpkin puree was really easy, just very time consuming. Of course, I didn't bother straining mine, which saved a lot of work.

The pancakes are adorable!

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