Ten Years

This past week marks ten years since I went to the temple for the first time and received my endowment. For most of my life I remember wondering about the temple because I had heard so much about it from other people. My mother went regularly and was a good example to me of faithfulness in attending. During the last few years I haven't been so great at going to the temple. It's been more of a challenge with my busy schedule and the distance (although both those things are poor excuses). I've decided to commit to going more frequently once we move, and I'm trying to decide on a reasonable goal. Every two weeks seems like a lot, every month seems like a little. I think I'll see how I feel in the upcoming months as well. I guess my testimony of the temple is mostly based on how I feel when I leave. It's a place to spend some time away from the rest of the world and commune with God, to get a handle on who I really am and to focus on what I can do to live a better life. When I am inside, I often feel like I am in some sort of a warm cocoon or 'spiritual hug', and when I leave I always feel energized and ready to get back to my life. Like I said, I haven't been going very often lately and I thought that I'd write down some of my thoughts to remind myself of why I go in hopes of inspiring myself to keep going back.


Kristeee said…
I find when it's been a long time I get tired by the end of a session when I go back to the temple - like it's spiritual overload or something. When I'm regular in attending it energizes me. I need to be better about going regularly - I can use the energy and clarity it gives me.

Just a thought - you could take the kiddies to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house. They might think it's cool.
Earth Sign Mama said…
Ironically, now that I live within a few blocks of the temple, I find I attend with less regularity than all the other places where it was a 50-80 mile drive. In those places, I calendared a day when I would leave work and drive to the temple. Now, I keep thinking it is so nearby, and I'm so busy, I'll do it next week. Then, weeks go by and I fail to pick a day. I, too, must revise my schedule and include the temple on my calendar like I used to. It gives me spiritual energy, too. It always feels like home--that hug feeling. It's very important to me to have the priviledge.
With baby #3, once a month makes you a SAINT. And it depends, of course, on how close the temple is. Plantboy and I have pretty much had to agree to go at different times because getting babysitting for all day is a bit dodgy.
Earth Sign Mama said…
Science teacher: a friend of mine planned this solution with another couple and their kids. Each of them had two or three tiny ones, the temple trip was about two hours. They'd travel to the city where the temple was in their own vehicles. Then,they'd split the cost of an inexpensive motel room. One couple would stay with the kids, while the other attended a session together. Then, they'd swap roles. Everyone got to go with their spouse, and the children weren't left all day with a sitter. I don't remember how often they'd do this, but it seemed to work for them.
Laurel Weed said…
I love the feeling at the temple too. I think it is hard to go frequently when you have young kids. It's definitely a great goal and something I need to do as well. Happy 10 year anniversary!
jeri said…
YAY! Good for you, this is an awesome goal.
Blue said…
i'm trying to make myself become a temple-goer again. it's been about seven or eight years (9?) since i did an endowment session. i didn't go at all for a number of years, and have tip-toed back there, but only for initiatories and sealings.

i had all intentions of going to the Oquirrh Mtn temple yesterday, on it's first day of operation. it was our anniversary, and though my DH is no longer a man of faith, i thought it would be a good symbolic gesture on my part.

but i didn't. and i didn't go today.

if i had any kind of feeling when i went besides tired, if it felt peaceful or comforting to me, or if i left feeling good about it and renewed in some way, that would be a boon. as it is, i just ache when i'm there. that he's not with me. that it's been so many years since he lost his faith and there doesn't seem to be any sign of him ever finding himself again. i cry. and i hate crying. and i feel lonely. and small. and sad.

but i'm trying to become someone who goes. maybe frequency would overcome some of these things, and i'd finally have a good experience. so far i just trust that others have learned things i just don't know yet, but that if i'm faithful i'll eventually get there too.

thanks for your example here!

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